bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 54)

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Now enough of my blabbering , read this part.
Sanskar follow her till the room.
Sanskar: Arre at least tell na whose call was that?
Swara: not so important
Sanskar: then why were you looking tensed?
Swara: I told you nothing important.
She took some clothes and about to enter in washroom.
He held her hand.
Sanskar: not so soon Swara, first tell me matter.
Swara: why it’s important for you know everything?
Sanskar: I can’t see your worried face, now tell me am stubborn than you.
Swara; okay fine but I can’t tell you now. I am trying to find some truth.
Sanskar: so what is prblm in it? We promised na …
Swara: just trust me I will tell you everything soon. Whatever I am finding it , it will decide our future.
She went from there leaving him confuse.
Sanskar: (shouts) at least give me clue na. You can’t do leave me in confusion.

He become frustrated and went from there.
Sanskar: ( blabbering) what she think of herself super woman? Who can do whatever she want?
He collided with someone.
Sanskar: can’t you able to see?
Voice: cool down partner now what happen?
He looked upward and finds kaira standing with crossing arms.
Sanskar: sry I thought someone else is.
Kaira: its kk partner, well I have good news for you.
Sanskar: now what shock you wanna give me.
Kaira: its seems your wife already giving you so much shocks. Its okay I will tell you later.

She began to go from there.
Sanskar: okay tell me.
Kaira: first cool down or else you will not understand.
Sanskar: I am fine now, now tell me.
Kaira; had you given her any surprise or did something special for her after marriage?
Sanskar: no I didn’t get time. Actually due to that alia..
Kaira: don’t ruin my good mood by taking that chipku name. She always try to stick with my Adi. Leave her ,she is like chew gum. Just forget her for one day and just think about you both.
Sanskar: hmm nice idea but your frnd will agree for it.
Kaira: duffer you have to give her surprise.
Sanskar: I also know that but surprise will only work na if she will come.
Kaira: you don’t worry about it , when your partner is here then don’t need to take tension of small matter. I will manage everything.

Adi come there, both stop talking seeing him.
Adi: do I disturb you both?
Kaira: excuse me sanskar I need to go.
Sanskar: kk bye
Adi: kaira what happen?
Kaira: nothing I just remember some work.
She went from there, sanskar smiled seeing adi’s worried face.
Sanskar: any prblm
Adi: no but I think she avoiding me.
Sanskar: may be or may be not. Actually I also need to go but definitely I am not avoiding you.
He went from there patting his back.
Whole day Adi tried a lot talk to her but she always used to escape from him.
At last he found her in garden. She is playing with small children.
Adi: kaira I need to talk you.

Kaira: can’t you see I am busy?
Adi: frm morning itself you’re busy, are you ignoring me?
Kaira: nope, why are you thinking like that?
Adi: why you went from there when I came to talk with you?
Kaira: listen I don’t know what things is cooking in your small mind but excuse me I have some important work rather than talking with you.
She began to go from , he hold her hand and drag in corner.
Adi: even more than me?
Her Heartbeats started to raise. She closes her eyes feeling his heartbeat.
Adi: see kayu after devil, you’re only my frnd. Pls don’t ignore me.
She opened eyes, her eyes turned moist.
Kaira: only frnd
Adi: means?
Kaira: nothing, I am your frnd. Pls excuse me I need to go.

She run from there without giving any glance to him.
These all seen by two pairs of eyes which also turned moist.
Person1: why he can’t see she is in love with him?
Person2: you’re saying like that you easily come to know about my feelings.
Swara: why you always came upon us?
Sanskar: we are easy example na.
Swara: stop kidding, I need to do something for her.
She went from there.
Sanskar: ha do things for her only, I don’t know when my love story will come on track. Again I forget special arrangements for her. I seriously don’t know how many special things I need to do for pleasing her. I promise that when you forgive me I am not going to leave you even for single second. Right now I need to see kaira.

Kaira’s room
She sadly seating near window, tears continuously flowing from her eyes.
He knocked on door, she wiped her tears.
Kaira: hey partner you, do you need any help in pleasing your wife.
Sanskar: yes, but not in pleasing her.
Kaira: then
Sanskar: my one frnd lost her smile and I am finding it. Do you have seen it?

From outside someone was taking their pics.
Sanskar keeps his hand on her shoulder.
Kaira looked down.
Kaira: it’s not easy sanskar, he still not able to forget her.
Sanslar take off his hands and turned other side.
She realises what she blurted out.
Kaira:sry, I don’t mean that
Sanskar: it’s kk
Kaira: seriously partner I don’t want to say that. I mean he still think me as frnd.

He turned toward her.
Sanskar: I told you na it’s kk. You tell does your ignorance effect him or not?
Kaira: yes , he also plead me not to do so.
Sanskar: it’s good news na. You’re making different place in his heart. You tell me do you want her place in his heart.
Kaira: never, she is his first love but I wanna be his last love. Who will have her own place. I only want that, do I am wrong?
Sanskar: no but be patience. Someone truly said “LOVE IS NOT ALWAYS A BED OF ROSES”-THERE’S A FEW THORNS ALONG THE WAY.
Kaira: and who said it?
Sanskar; I don’t know, I had read it somewhere. But it’s reality if you want love then be ready to bear conquers of love also.
Kaira : you’re really philosopher.
Sanskar: what to do madam, your frnd make me like it.
kaira: hmm you’re lucky that you got your love.
Sanskar: leave about me, I don’t want your luck like me. You tell are you ready to bear pain?
Kaira: from childhood I am bearing it now also ready to to try love’s pain.
Sanskar: means?

Kaira: nothing you continue.
Sanskar: kk then listen plan B
Kaira: not now partner, first you go and impress my frnd. I will manage him.
She push him from there, in this process she about to fall but he hold her hand.
Someone again capture there pics and went from there smilingly.
Sanskar: careful or else he will not accept broken piece.
Same time, at garden
Swara come with two coffees mug in her hands and give it to adi.
Swara: you’re not doing right.
Adi: what?
Swara: you promised me you will move on but you still are at same place.
Adi: trust me, iam trying to do it.
Swara: nope, you’re not.
Adi: pls swara I am saying true. I am trying to move on. Move on not means go and marry someone.
Swara: I am not saying for marriage but just open your eyes fully and try to accept changes in your life.
Adi: what do you mean? I already accepted your and sanskar marriage. Trust me I am respecting it. If due to me there is prblm between you both then tell me I will try to solve it.
Swara: exactly I am biggest prblm in your life. Expect me can’t you think about something else.
Adi: don’t talk in puzzle say me cleary. I already not able to figure out why she is avoiding me?
Swara: who?
Adi: your idiot frnd, from mrng she is avoiding me. I don’t know what mistake I had done?
Swara: think about it may be you will get your answer in question itself.
Someone take there pictures also and sends someone.
Adi: means
Swara: nothing, just remember something love can happen twice.
She went from there smilingly.
Adi: what rubbish she is talking?

recap: don’t know, depend on your cmnt

To be continued…

Omg who is taking pics and what she/he want it from those pics?
Will those pics again separate Swasan? Or make them more close?

Next part depend your response, don’t take me wrong but if response is good then only there is exictment for writing next part.

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