Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update : Tiwari has an heart attack

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu scolds Malkhans father saying its crime to take money, Tilu says im no girl but Tilu, Saxena goes mad again and leaves. Tilu blames Vibhu for everything, Vibhu reveals its him, Tiwari says shame on you, Vibhu says Malkan is alive, Tiwari says i know call him, Malkan walks out, Angoori scolds Vibhu says I was so upset, you cheated me, Tiwari says i knew about this so i called Happu, Happu says lets go police station, Vibhu apologize, Happu says to Vibhu to pay him 10,000 he will free him, Vibhu says i need sometime, Happu says rightaway, Vibhu asks Tiwari to loan him money.

Tiwari drinking, Vibhu passing by, Tiwari asks him to join, says my 10 lakhs are saved so have it, just that people are so greedy now a days, Vibhu says im busy, Tiwari says i made you a peg, have it, Vibhu picks his glass, Tiwari says people are dog, Vibhu says i am sleepy, Tiwari says i am not talking about you, Vibhu says i will stay only if you have something else to say, Tiwari says my 70,000, Vibhu says i will give you, Tiwari says just allow me to whistle, Vibhu says your wish, Tiwari whistles, Thoku walks in.

Angoori performing Tulse pooja, Vibhu walks to her, Angoori signs him to leave, but Vibhu keeps talking and greeting her, Angoori starts crying, and says who asked you to come here, you created such big blunder, Amaji had asked me to perform pooja uninterrupted and you interrupted it,now Tiwaris life is at risk, Angoori scolds Vibhu, Vibhu says dont worry he will be all fine and i am lucky and spread happiness, when i was born a nurse fond her lost cat, Angoori says are you sure Tiwari will be fine, Vibhu says 100%, Tiwari calls Angoori in pain, Vibhu and Angoori rush in

Tiwari fallen on stairs, Vibhu makes fun of him, Tiwari all covered in sweat, Angoori asks Tiwari whats wrong, Tiwari says heart attack, Angoori starts crying and blames Vibhu, and calls him killer, and asks him to do something or else she will kill her self, Vibhu goes to get doctor, sees boys carrying doctor on trolley, Vibhu says what is wrong with him,he can’t be unwell, Tiwari needs him, Gupta says treat me as well with that doctor, Vibhu forces Gupta at Tiwaris, Angoori says he has heart attack, Gupta says look i myself am unwell, Tiwari says dont give him fees if he doesn’t treat me, Tilu says before you die give me my salary, Tiwari says throw him out or else i will go worse, Vibhu says calm down, Tiwari says to Vibhu to tell bhabhiji that he will miss her, Vibhu says you are going no where, Gupta hits Tiwari by mistake and both Tiwari and Gupta burp and feel better, Gupta says this means we both were facing gas problem.

Vibhu getting his house painted, Angoori visits him and gives him badam halwa. Angoori likes the paint and calls Tiwari to see the paint, says look it looks so good and expensive, Tiwari says it isnt its same Asian paint we used at our place its budget friendly.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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