Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update Sanajan the black mailer.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says Sanjana my wife she is a terrible women,she will not kill us but cut us into pieces and then throw us in gutters. sanjana says whatever i have rights over you first i had proposed you first you see, Vibhu says yes even proposed bhorelal son,sanjana says oh college days and now these,this man he has made hell out of my life, Vibhu says what did he do,Sanjana says not here lets go somewhere,vibhu says im with my wife and she will find this suspicious,sanjana says okay give me your number and call me tonight itself.

Anu comes out and says oh baby my leg,it sprained,anyways lets order. Tiwari in his room, Angoori walks to him dressed in retro saree,Tiwari says wow you look like 60’s actress. Vibhu meets Sanjana,sanjana starts crying,Vibhu says calm down,she says my husband

is rich husband with 7 petrol pumps i lied to you,but his richness is of no use to me, Angoori and Tiwari start dancing, sanjana says he spends all his money on pr*stitutes and hits me,he has made me cry for existence and my brother is dying and i need money for his cure just 5 lakhs please help,vibhu says i wish i could but anu rules my accounts,Sanjana says lucky her and look at me,Vibhu says how else i can help you, Sanjana says black mail my husband.Tiwari runs away from Angoori.

Vibhu asks why will i,sanjana says i will tell you the plan,just take pictures with me and tell him if he doesn’t pay you will upload them on social media,vibhu asks what if he is dangerous,she says dont worry he os very coward and please i beg of you for my brother do it,Vibhu says okay,Sanjana clicks selfies with vibhu and he leaves.

Vibhuti gets home,Anu wakes up and sees him coat and glasses and asks where were you,vibhu says just trying it out,anu says speak up, Vibhu says went to see a friend an old friend and its too late go to sleep, Anu says so late you can go see a friend and fool around,vibhu says i wasn’t he needed my help,and leaves,anu smells ladies perfume on coat.

Sanjana calls vibhu, Vibhu goes to.balcony, Vibhu says go to sleep i will black mail tomorrow,sanjana asks who what,i have no husband and will never have any but wish i had one then you wouldnt use me,vibhu says you fooling me,Sanjana says shut up vibhu pay me 5 lakhs and i will be off,Vibhu says what,sanjana says cmon i know you have crore worth business,and pay me or esle pictures will be with your wife, Vibhu says sanjana i was lying,she says i don’t care.

Hapu on call, asking for 2 lakhs, and keeps the call in anger,he gets a call again,tilu malkan hearing all this asks what happened, hapu says i was gambling and lost 2 lakhs which i have to pay,malkan says you have lot of money give it, hapu says my wife rules over my accounts.

Angoori upset about Tiwari’s behaviour,Vibbhu asks whats wrong, Angoori says i don’t feel like,Vibhu says cmon tell me,Angoori says i think tiwari has an affair, Tiwari comes and scolds her and asks her to serve breakfast, Angoori gets in, Tiwari and Vibhuti argue.

Vibhu says now Tiwari will pay me 5 lakhs. Teeka comes all suited, Hapu tilu and malkan treat him well,tilu and malkan ask him to lend them some money,teeka shows off his cash, and gives it to tea vendor,hapu says my dear teeka,teeka says its Gagar sir for you,hapu says nice name,can you lend me 2 lakhs please, teeka says i have no money for cheap people like you.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. sanjana’s real name?

  2. sanjana’s real name??

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