Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update Goa church wedding

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu and anguri looking for Vibhu and Tiwari and find them enjoying scooter ride with girls,anguri says I told you this game is risky and what if he divorces me.
Anguri says I can’t see this,anu says I’m going mad,anguri says i shall break her legs,anu says I shall break Vibhu legs.

Vibhu and Tiwari having drinks,Vibhu says how was my idea,Tiwari says Greta it worked,vibhu says today they won’t sleep in peace,saxena says die in oceans you two,and bhabhi Ma saw you with girls today and they said be with them only now and they are celebrating with vodka and whiskey,Tiwari says I lost bhabhiji and anguri,vibhu says what,vibhu says I meant bhabhiji from yours,vibhu says chill let’s enjoy Goa.

Happu chilling and having drinks and on call and gets another call from his wife,and says look I’m not in Goa,I’m at uncles face I told you he isn’t doing well now keep the call,two girls walks to him and ask him did you see two young handsome boys,happu says I haven’t seen any handsome boy other then me,the girls say how cute and leave,happu blushes and closes his eyes.

Don and his men walk to happu and start hitting him,his man comes and says it’s not him they were two men it’s not him,they say sorry to happu and leave.happu says this Goa isn’t doing well for me.

Anguri and anu with tittu and Toni,having fun and dancing around,vibhu and Tiwari with dons sisters,both keep acting hard to tease each other .

Vibhu and Tiwari miss anu and anguri,the girls say where to now baby,vibhu says our wives went this way,girls say we have fallen for you two,vibhu says we love our wives please leave us,Tiwari says it’s a misunderstanding please leave us,the girls says you can’t treat us like toys.don walks to them,and says do you know who I am,girls say brother Michale,michale says you played with my sisters and now you shall marry them,vibhu says we are married,Michale says I will kill you,anu and anguri jump in to save them.

Vibhu says look we were just acting to bring them on right track,anu says us,anguri says infact we were acting to bring you on track,anu says please understand our husbands won’t do wrong to any women,anguri says look we are like you sisters and you will treat us this way,anu and anguri emotionally trick Michale.

Michale says you called me brother,I won’t do anything to them,you may leave and you two come let’s go home and they leave.vibhu asks who those boys were,anguri says her childhood friends,anu says and why were you starting at these girls in pool,Vibhu tells them the truth,anu says I love you,anguri says I am sorry.

At church anu and anguri walk in as bride,father bele asks them to take vows,anu and Vibhu say yes,anguri and Tiwari say yes too.

Anguri and anu throw their bouquets,malkhan catches them.

Saxena says I enjoyed Goa,malkhan and tikka say me too and we should return,tilu says but looks like happu didn’t,saxena says he had really bad time,happu says you are so right,happu having food starts coughing,malkhan says oh god fish bone stuck again and all start hitting him again,malkhan asks did Bone come out,happu sits on chair and says I was having paneer you fools,and asks waiters to take it away as well.

Pre cap: CM says I’m thankful for all the love,anu says right but what have you given in return,tiwari says how right,minister says ok you shall be CM fir next 20 days,tiwari as CM

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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