Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,it’s a new day anita is calling vibhuti and asks him how is she looking while vibhuti is busy reading paper and commenting without seeing her tat she looks beautiful anita asks hm to look at her and comment vibhuti then says tat she looks really beautiful and dances with her while she again asks him how does she looks and he says rat anita gets angry while vibhuti continues saying a big rat anita shouts at him wat is he saying and vibhuti tells her tat there is a rat behind her and both jump and stand on the dinning table while anita says to vibhuti tat wat kind of man he is he is scared of a rat and vibhuti then gets energy and he targets and throws a fork and by mistake it hits manmohan while manmohan starts shouting in pain while vibhuti says sorry and removes the fork and manmohan starts shouting and vibhuti then again keeps back the fork in manmohans leg and he shouts again and anita shouts at him for this and asks him to go n get first aid while he brings first aid anita asks manmohan to look into her eyes but from distance and manmohan starts at her and she smartly removes the fork
First aid is applied on manmohans injury and he then asks wat was vibhuti doing and he tells tat he was targeting a rat while manmohan says tat u should not kill a rat while anita asks vibhuti to call pest control to remove the rat and manmohan says tat I know a technique to make a rat leave the house and anita asks him to pls apply as she cant leave in the same house as rat and manmohan says tat she can come to his house but anita says no she cant trouble him for such a small reason
Manmohan then comes with a flute tat is used to call a snake vibhuti asks wat is he doing and manmohan says tat he is using it to call a rat vibhuti says tat nowhere it is written tat this flute is used to cal a rat and manmohan answers back it is also not written anywhere tata rat wont come listening to this flute while anita comes and says tat she is going to see the interior decorator and will be back soon and asks vibhuti to let manmohan do his work
Manmohan is playing the flute and comes a snake from trees in front of manmohan and he gets shocked while vibhuti also sees it and both get shock and enter panditji and vibhuti asks him to shut up and shows him snake and comes in ladu then and he tells manmohan tat he has read the snakes mind and he is asking to play the flute or else he will bite but manmohan is in shock so does not do this and smartly ladu plays the snake music on his phone and the snake goes pandit then tells tat todays is snake full moon day and if a snake bites someone he will behave like a snake and manmohan was just got lucky and manmohan kisses his brother and says tat hetruly is like a laxman
Manmohan enters in room while anguri is busy applying ointment to a injury on her leg she then calls manmohan to help her he then asks how did she got hurt she tells tat she went in to lawn and some insect bite her while manmohan applies ointment anguri asks him to see in her eyes and manmohan takes a look into her eyes and is shocked as it looks to him like a snake eyes he gets scared and gets away from her she tries to romance him but he gets scared and runs away
Manmohan straightaway runs to vibhuti s house and knocks their door vibhuti opens the door and manmohan tells tat a snake has bit anguri and according to wat panditji told she has started behaving like a snake and vibhuti then starts crying and says how did this happen and y to her while manmohan says tat she is his wife and vibhuti says tat wat he is upset about and manmohan then calls anu and vibhuti says to him tat she is anu for him only and no one else and it will be better if he calls her bhabhiji and comes in anita and ask wats happening between u two let me also know and vibhuti says tat its just a joke and nothing else she then goes inside saying tat they should also tell her the joke and vibhuti is seen crying and then says tat he will go and see anguri
Anguri is seen talking to amaji and tells her after tasting tat the achar ihas become very sicy and she will talk to her in a while after drinking some water and vibhuti knocks the door asking bhabhiji ghar par hai and anguri says tat yes she is there and the door is open the achar was too spicy so anguris tongues is still feeling the heat vibhuti comes in and sees tat anguri is taking her tounge outside like a snake and vibhuti asks her how is she feeling and she says tat fine but it’s a bit change and hurts a littile as she thinks tat he is asking about the change made by her in her eyes and vibhuti gets very upset looking at her and is seen crying anguri asks him wats wrong and wats the matter he says he is worried and asksher does she feeling like biting anyone and anguri says yes as she just sometime before has bite something and listening to this vbhuti gets shocked.

PRECAP:-manmohan is requesting vibhuti tat u please go and let anguri bite u while vibhuti refuses and say u r her husband u should do tat and manmohan says tat I m the man of the house who will look after her later and he says tat he will look and then saxena passes in front of them and they get the idea

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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