Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update : Teeka the cobbler.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daddy drops a bag at pole 4, tiwari picks up the suitcase and leaves it near number 7, Vibhu picks it from there and drops at 9, but a man hits him from behind and he faints,its hapu,hapu picks the bag and leaves.

Few days back :

Angoori in garden,Vibhu greets her, Teeka walks to them, and says give me your shoes i will mend it,Angoori says wow is this your new work,thats so good,its good you working,vibhu says yes no work is big or small,you just have to work,teeka records it and says i will forward this you need to hear too. Malkan and Tilu join them and says he has started new work and isnt our friend anymore,Angoori says thats bad,he is working you should be happy for him,malkan says but such job forget it.

Anu walks to Vibhu and angoori and greets them and asks what

are you talking about,Angoori says theres new hotel red diamond,Vibhu says malkana and teeka were talking,Anu says great let’s all go to dinner tonight,Angoori says sure.

Tiwari on call says ramcharans son took money from me saying his father was sick and i saw ramcharan all good. Angoori walks to Tiwari and says we havent been out for dinner,Tiwari says we did after wedding,Angoori says thats old and now i want to go, Tiwari says its waste of money and yells at Angoori and leaves. Angoori calls Amaji.

Amaji asks who made you cry, Angoori says i asked Tiwari to take me on dinner but he denied,Amaji says hotel red diamond,Angoori says how do you know,Amaji says pandit Rampal took me on dinner and you do a think keep an eye on Tiwari I don’t find him on good tracks.

Anu and Vibhu at restaurant, Vibhu says Prem was involved before but left partnership because they didn’t allow for bars and casino,Anu says you and your friend you can write a book on him, Vibhu says no i will write a book on you,Vibhu says you always think bad about me,Anu says i will go washroom you check the menu. Sanjana walks to Vibhu,Vibhu says take a seat after a long time,she says yes after college i went Kolkata, Vibhu says marriage,She says forget me what about you,did you marry that girl you had affair,Vibhu says yes Anu,she asks and job,Vibhu thinks looks like she doesn’t know im unemployed.

Tilu and Malkan tease teeka on not having an custoners yet.Teeka says you dont know anything about business,it needs patience,a van stops near teeka and asks him to polish his boots, teeka does so,he throws money at Teeka,teeka asks him to show some respect,he says you are the same boy who use to polish 15 years back and didn’t receive thrown money ,teeka says yes,he says we are three brothers and we needed a man to look after our business we choose you.Tilu and malkan surprised.

Hapu crying pulls his scooter abd arrives,Tilu asks whats wrong, Hapu gets a call,he says yes im managing,and leaves. Sanjana asks so what is it,Vibhu says im into import and export,she says exciting and your wife,Vibhu says she works too,we have around 2 cr turnover,Sanjana says and on one hand my husband so unemployed,brijbhushan,its so depressing,and do you have savings, Vibhuti says yes 50 acres land,mutual funds,she says i suggest divorce your wife and marry me,we will have fun.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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