Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update vibhu new business of lingerie

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says my left eye is twitching,angoori says is it thank god,Tiwari says what nonsense is this,angoori says it’s because god just made you alert about the problems that gonna come,tilu walks in and says I have bad news and it’s cheap stores like yours are also having theft,5000 worth stock is robbed,angoori says oh god thank you,Tiwari and tilu surprised,angoori says I meant just 5000 and not more,Tiwari says now I know why my eye was twitching,angoori says don’t worry good things will come.

Vibhu selling lingerie,tilu Tiwari hear that and go out,angoori says his worst time has began,Vibhu says come buy,Tiwari says I have my own shop why will I,vibhu says cmon your competition is here,both get into argument,tilu says enough shut up,look at all this,it’s our stock,vibhu says dare you blame me,tilu says I’m not lying,Tiwari says he is right it’s my stock,anu walks to him and asks Vibhu what nonsense is this,vibhu says ahuti and lingeries first step,anu says you will sell lingerie don’t you know who sell such things,Tiwari says bhabhiji cmon it’s not a bad business,anu says please I’m talking to my husband,vibhu says baby look you wanted me to work I am,anu leaves in anger.

Angoori on call with amaji says I’m sad but after all it’s for his good and amaji I hope I’m not doing anything bad,amaji says don’t worry about all this you are doing good,angoori says ok amaji I will go now,I have to cook,amaji says yes ok but keep your eyes open.

Vibhu walks to angoori,angoori asks how is he,vibhu says I’m in pain,I’m too tired,angoori says sure you will be you are working so hard for me,and tell me how much you sold,Vibhu says all sold and earned 10000,angoori says great and if god blesses us he will be bankrupt soon,vibhu says yes today we shall rob more,Vibhu says can I have something please,angoori says I will get you lime juice.

Tiwari walks to anu,anu says you look upset,Tiwari says upset,I’m finished,anu says why say all this,Tiwari says look,and shows anu her pic with boxer,anu says oh god,I haven’t done this add,I have been trapped,Vibhu has done this,Tiwari says that man,I knew my bhabhiji would never do this,anu says I won’t leave him,he has to stop all this,and you have to help me do it,Tiwari says I will and do you really like men who wear such boxers,anu gives sarcastic look,Tiwari says I shall take leave now.

Anu in bedroom with poster,Vibhu walks to her and says oh waiting for him,anu says sure I was,vibhu says is it sarcastic,anu says yes and shows him poster,Vibhu says you look great,anu says great my friends are full of taunts,Vibhu says they are just jealous,anu says just look at the tag and destroy it quickly,Vibhu says sorry it’s final my board of directors have finalised it,anu asks who is in your team,vibhu says just me,anu says stop it right away or else I shall sue you.

Vibhu gets a call and he says I will get back and leaves.malkhan says this English,tikka says yes it’s such a weird language,happu joins them,Malkhan asks how your English progressing,Happu says I have bought this book and soon I will speak fluent English,prem joins them,al have them same English difficulties.

Gulfamkali walks to them,and says let me release tension a bit,and sings a song.

Pre cap: Tiwari infroms anu that Vibhu is the one stealing all of his stock from the shop,anu you and Tiwari at shop waiting for vibhu.anu and Tiwari hiding and see Vibhu,anu says there’s a lady too with him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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