Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri hungs up the call and goes and checks the fridge and she finds milk packets and vegetables and vibhuti comes and asks anguri how is she and she tells him tat some one has kept milk packets and vegetables in fridge and vibhuti says it must be some of ur well wisher and anguri says she understood and vibhuti asks who and she says it must be tiwari and vibhuti gets upset listening to this and leaves
Later tat night vibhuti comes out of his house and destroys tiwari sbicycle and while running back tiwari hears some voice and tiwari comes out to see who is it and sees tat the chain and bell of his cycle are not there and he asks who is it and when dog barks he gets frighten and runs back vibhuti is seeing all this and laughing
Next morning tiwari says who must be tat thief who robbed the chain and bell of my bicycle and anguri comes with break fast and tiwari gets happy seeing tat there is paratha for breakfast and anguri in her mind says tat u r so nice u did all this and asking y so much for me and then tiwari gives her sari as gift and anguri makes faces looking at it and tiwari then says this is only that comes in my budget and asks anguri tat is there some curd with parathas and anguri then goes in to bring curd
Vibhuti brings curd from his house and keeps in anguris kitchen and hides while anguri thinks how sweet of tiwari he asked someone to keep the curd here and vibhuti comes in and asks how is anguri and anguri says she is fine and says tat tiwari make someone keep it here and vibhuti says tat its not tiwari and its someone else and leaves
Vibhuti tat night again goes to tiwaris house and removes the tyre of tiwaris cycle and leaves next morning when tiwari comes out with a bell and chain to mend his cycle he sees tat some one has robbed the tyre of his cycle and he shouts and asks who is doing this and vibhuti comes out of his house and asks tiwari y is he shouting like this and tiwari tells him tat someone has robbed the tyre of his bicycle and vibhuti laughs at it tat y r u crying for such a small thing like some one has robbed the fans of ur coppter and they start fight their while there comes a police and they both stop fighting start talking sweetly and as soon he leaves tthey againg abuse and go in their respective houses
Vibhuti is sitting in hall and naita comes out from kitchen and she is very angry as now a packet of curd has been vanished from her kitchen and vibhuti says its ok he must have needed it who robbed and then anita gets angry and says someone is stealing and u r so relaxed actually its his mother mistake and vibhuti says y r u going on his mother while anita says y r u feeling so hurt as if I blaming u for everything and vibhuti says u need not blame anyones mother its not good
Anita is seen talking on phone telling tat she Is very much fed up with this robber and hungs up and comes in tiwari and asks anit wats wrong as when ever he comes she is either doing yoga or dance but now she looks upset and anita tells tat she also started the budget competition inspired by u listening to this tiwari gets very hapy and anita then tells tat someone is robbing vegetable and milk packets from her house and tiwari also tells tat even someone at my place is destroying my cycle and then tiwari says tat we need to find that thief and anita says yes we really need to find the thief
Vibhuti goes to anguri house and sees tat she is talking to amaji while anguri tells amaji tat tiwari is helping her in this budget game to win he keeps and amaji gets shock hw is this possible I cant believe and she says yes he is doing it for me and then hungs up saying tat she will call her later and then vibhuti shows her his wedding ring and asks her to touch and see but she says tat she has work as she has to wash clothes and anguri goes in and vibhuti says tat he will prove to her tat its him who is helping and leaves
Vibhuti asks the rikshaw man to bring vegetables and asks him to put this ring in the bag and asks him to keep it in anguri kitchen the man keeps a bag and goes and anguri comes and sees a bag and thinks one more bag and comes vibhuti and says tat he heard ur voice so he came to ask wat happen and she tells tat some one again came and kept this bag and vibhuti says tat he must be ur well wisher and also tells her tat today morning he lost his ring tat he shown u and then anguri checks the bag and get shocked to see it and vibhuti asks wat happened she then shows the liquor bottle and anguri gets very angry and she also finds the ring and seeing those bottole anguri says who has done this and vibhuti says tat it must be tiwari and anguri says tat it cant happen and she shows the ring and vibhuti says this one is not mine as I remember mine is at home near basin and anguri then gives him the ring and asks him to give a poor man and please throw away these bottles and she says tat now I have to take a bath and she leaves while the rikshaw man comes back and gives the exact bag in which were the vegetables and takes his bag of liquor back smiling.

Anguri tells tiwari tat ladu has scored good in all subjects but is weak in maths if I was a graduate like anita I would have taught him and tiwari gets an idea while anguri is seen telling this to vibhuti while ladu says tat if this time he will not go to tuitions he will fail and vibhuti says I m there to teach and anguri says if u teach him I will give u a gift.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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