Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update Gulfamkali shifts to Mishra house.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem throws Hapu out of Gulfamkalis bar, prem vibhu and Gulfamkali in the bar partying. Angry Haou switches off the kight, Vibhu says must be fuse problem,i will go Check.

Tiwari drinking, Putan says enjoying alone, Tiwari says not until you are here, Putan says look i will find my girl pandit said there’s girl named from G, Angoori says you shouldn’t be drinking,its not good,you even not married, Vibhu walks to them and greets, Angoori asks where from, Vibhu says temple, Tiwari laughs and says what a joke, Vibhu says i will pray to god he gives you a little brains and bhabhi please come tomorrow i have arranged a little pooja bye.

Angoori says Tiwari learn from him he is so religious where as you all wasting time drinking. Boys come running discussing about fire brigade, Putan asks whats the issue, Boys say Gulfamkali bar caught fire, putan says g from Gulfamkali and runs to her.

next morning Vibhu holds a religious book in his hand and says this will impress bhabhiji, Gulfamkali putan and boys enter, vibhu says get out, vibhu asks what’s wrong with you all, Putan says you are behind all this, Gulfamkali says yes you are, Boys say you burnt Gulfamkali bar. Vibhu says what because of me, Gulfamkali says you went to repair the switch, Vibhu says i repaired and walked away, Gulfamkali says but my house caught fire, vibhu says i feel bad for you, Putan scolds him and says your sympathy won’t help her, and till her house is a good she will stay here.

Gulfamkali says this is my new bar, Putan says she is right, Vibhu says not at all leave my house, Gulfamkali says shut up dare you and try throwing me out, you dog, Vibhu says look you can’t talk to me like this, Gulfamkali says and who the hell are you, keep quite. Vibhu says look if Anu finds about you l, she will kill me, Putan says what have you done staying alive

Angoori walks towards Vibhus house calling him, A man stops her and talks to her, Vibhu says everyone quite let me handle bhabhi ji. Angoori asks Vibhu are all arrangements made for the pooja, vibhu says yes all sorted, you go when all will be done, they hear Gulfamkali sing, Angoori asks why i hear songs from your house, Vibhu says you are taking it wrong its a devotee requesting to God, Angoori says is it, i thought its a song, okay call me when all will be done.

Vibhu walks to Prem and scolds him for arranging the party abd inviting hin for the party, Prem says don’t blame me because of you she is homeless, Vibhu says if Anu finds about this she will kill me, Prem says and if Gulfamkali comes to my place you know her anger is greater than your wives so dont include me in it. Angoori walks to Vibhu and says i was waiting for pooja and you here, vibhu says I’m making arrangements, prem says bhabhi dont trust him, vibhu says shut up, bhabhi you go i will call you.

Tiwari enjoying food cooked my Angoori,tiwari says you have too, Angoori says im fasting, Vibhu has kept pooja for it, Tiwari says why do you trust his stupid things, Angoori says stop abusing him, Tiwari says it’s all act, I will go ask him.

Tiwari walks to Mishra house and knocks the door, Gulfamkali about to open the door, Vibhu stops her and says its my house no one for you, Vibhu opens door and asks him why knock so insanely, Tiwari says let’s go inside, Vibhu says when im here why you want to go inside, Tiwari says who are you to stop me, its bhabhijis house, Vibhu says and im her husband why are you here, Tiwari says a coffee and aome chit chat,Vibhu says its not an hotel, bye and gets in, Tiwari says he didn’t let me in, something is fishy.

pre cap : Tiwari sees Gulfamkali performing at Mishra house and calls Anu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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