Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti as Income Tax officer


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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu praise Angoori for her delicious dinner, Tiwari says i insist you have dinner here everyday. Vibhu says why will we, Anu dont give him chance, Tiwari and Vibhuti get in argument, Tiwari says i have lot of money if you count black money its around 4 crore and Tiwari tells all the locations he has kept money. Tiwari starts showing off,Anu says Vibhu lets go.
Angoori says i guess she is hurt.

Vibhu says Anu he insulted me why are you upset,Anu says unfortunately im your wife, Vibhu says whats so unfortunate,Anu asks what good have you done, Vibhuti says managed you for god 10 years, Anu says please i have saved 20 lakhs unlike you,who has no savings,Vibhu says hello i have managed your this house and leaves on anger.

Vibhu with Saxena and boys drinking, this about countries

development, Saxena insults them. Vibhu slaps him. Boys say we heard Kanpur is gonna have Metro and direct flights, Saxena says yes Kanpur will be smart city soon. Boys insist Vibhu on financing their dinner,A man walks to them and says its on me.

Tiwari counting his money, Angoori asks why all these notes on bed, Tiwari says sit on bed and showers money on her. Angoori says dont keep so much money home Incomes Tax officer will raid our house. Tiwari says i will bribe them I have lot of money. Anu calls Tiwari and says Vibhu hasnt come home please go look for him, Tiwari says take a strong decision give divorce, Anu says you dont want to help dont, keep your stupid advice to you.

Vibhu asks the man who are you,he says im from Income Tax commissioner Satya Prakash, Vibhu says nice to meet you,He says so am I,Vibhu asks why us, Saxena says right they are unemployed,Satya says this is because you are honest and i need you and your teams help to clean corruption and I appointment Vibhuti Senior IT officer and these boys Junior IT officer and Saxena IT photographer and you will receive I cards soon, Vibhu says i have a man in mind,Satya says good you eill be paid 15% of recovery.

Tiwari invites Anu home, Anu says i have important work, Tiwari says take some rest some break let me serve some good tea and asks Angoori to get tea, Angoori asks where is Vibhuti,Anus says must be somewhere, Vibhu and boys walk in as IT officers. Vibhu says me Officer Mishra with my fellow officers, here for raid. Anu and Tiwari ask what nonsense is this, Vibhuti says heres ID card for proof. Vibhu asks Anu to leave and shuts the door.

Tiwari ask what all is this, Vibhuti says its time to face consequences, Angoori says Vibhu congratulations on your new job, Tiwari scolds Angoori, Vibhu asks teeka to seal all communication devices and allow no one in and out and take care of all my officer’s,even their entertainment needs,Tiwari says what nonsense is this, Vibhuti says you will soon know, Vibhu says officers begin the destruction.

Precap: Angoori upset about her jewellery,Vibhu scolds boys.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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