Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update vibhu steals at tiwaris shop

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says I have noted all of my to do list,I’m going tea tasting at tea stall and tikka Malkhan friends sons function I’m going there,anu says shame on you, this is not work vibhu,don’t you think you need to contribute here,vibhu says I do everything,Tiwari walks in and says cmon bhabhaji every person has some caliber and he does as per his,anu says please don’t take his side,Tiwari says some one has to look he is jobless useless,Vibhu says are you sure you on my side,anu says no he is showing you the Mirror,wake up vibhu do something,put a stall atleast something cmon Vibhu.

Tiwari says if I had a wife like bhabhiji I would never trouble her like you do,shame on you,go get tea now,vibhu thinks I won’t spare you for this.

Angoori gets call from amaji,amajis says I have a good news and a bad news for you,angoori says first bad news then,amaji says ok pandit ramphal said tiwaris cards aren’t doing well and so there will be some big shock so you be little alert,angoori says don’t you worry I will look after him and what’s the good news,amaji says the double the loss the double will be the profit in future,now take care bye.

Vibhu walks to angoori and wishes her good morning,angoori says my mood is bad and there’s no good in this morning,vibhu says did you see tiwaris face,angoori says please don’t you and tells him what happened.vibhu says don’t you worry that doesn’t suit you I will help you out just come with me tonight I have a good idea,angoori says very good let me get you tea.

Tikka Malkhan happu and prem at gulfamkalis bar,Happu says you look so happy gulfamkali,she says I am,as I’m going London for show,Malkhan says congratulations and are you going alone,gulfamkali says no I’m not and the one who speaks fluent English will accompany with me,tikka Malkhan try their luck,happu and prem try too,happu says forget English my uncle stays in London,tikka starts laughing,happu says shut up and says take me that will be helpful,gulfamkali says you have 15 days get your hands on English and come with me.

Vibhu and angoori together come beat chameli store(tiwaris shop)angoori says Tiwari is sleeping why are we here near the shop,Vibhu says we aren’t here to see him but rob him,angoori asks why though,vibhu says what did amaji say now loss profit in future,angoori says but he brings all money house now,only tilu will be sleeping in shop now,Vibhu says we will rob all the lingerie items from the shop cmon now it’s for his good.

Vibhu puts choloroform on tilu face and he falls asleep.

Anu next day is tried of hot weather,vibhu walks to her and says baby I’m here why did you get veggies,anu says yes what to do you busy with stuff right,vibhu says ok I know you are upset but one day I will make you proud,anu says forget it I have given up on this thought,vibhu hugs her and says baby I can do anything for you,anu says really go clean all curtains,Vibhu says I will but before that I have something for you and gets a boxer,anu says ok go wear,vibhu says baby you have got bore let’s play bull fight be a sport cmon.

Vibhu makes anu hold boxers and says you look so cool and clicks pictures of her holding them.tikka happu Malkhan prem at tea stall,tikka says my friend speaks fluent English I got lessons in mobile,Happu says why didn’t you get him anyways put it on,tikka plays it,it says let’s begin with the lessons,none of them understands a word,tikka plays it further,it says so A stands for,Malkhan says fights,tikka asks how,Malkhan says this is how people blame aaa and then fights begin and let me show demo and points at happu and shouts aaaaa I shall break your teeth,happu slaps him,Happu says we are learning English stop your nonsense now.

He says B stands for,Malkhan says bansi,bansi is my uncle,Happu says how will he know your uncle,Malkhan says he was famous for his chole bhature,probably your friend knows him from there,prem says I find him sensible,happu says shut up you,we have to go London stop it,masterji passing by,Malkhan says can you speak English,master says yes,Malkhan says show us,master says here you go English and leaves.

Pre cap : tilu says your store has been robbed,5000₹ stock has been stolen,angoori says oh nice thank god,they hear Vibhu selling lingerie

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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