Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update : Commissioner’s warning to Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in garden watering plants. Vibhu seeing him and start imagining he is singing and dancing with her. Saxena slaps him and says sorry you were not in your senses you were goint to kiss me so I slap you. Vibhu also slaps Saxena.

Tiwari singing song outside Vibhu’s house. Anu, Angoori, Tillu , Malkhan and many more listing to them. Tiwari and Anu giving speech for there NGO against people who earn money by making fool out of people. Saxena says to Vibhu they are pointing you. Tiwari and Anu acting like Vibhu to cure people from his remedy. Vibhu says its uteer nonsense you are trying to defame me. Tiwari says saying nobody is trying to defame anyone people like you corrupt our society. Saxena says attempt will be unsuccessful. Anu says to Saxena attempt like these always succeed, you boss will go to jail. Prem says Vibhu is good doctor he treated my heart attack in one slap only he cannot be fraud. Tiwari says time will tell. Vibhu says when an avatar takes birth many stand against it. Tiwari says you are not an avatar from heaven you are just an actor. Anu says to Vibhu this is your last warning if you didn’t stop taking money from people you will go to jail. Angoori says I’m unable to understand how to react. Anu says to Angoori you should send people like them to jaild and do your duty. Angoori says he savedany lives. Vibhu says I’ll sue you people for defamation. Everyone start shouting slogan.

Angoori and Tiwari in dining area. Tiwari having dinner. Angoori asks Tiwari how is the food. Tiwari says food is godd but you forget to bring salad. Prem seeing them from outside call Angoori and talkes to her disguised in different voice, says to give phone to circuit sitting behind you. Angoori says Tiwari is in your gang, Angoori goes to Tiwari and says Circuit you got call. Prem mix something in salad. Tiwari shouts who is this and hungs up call says go and get salad. Tiwari eats salad.

Vibhu and Anu in bedroom. Vibhu asks what’s happening. Anu says I’m writing up a report against you if you don’t stop your business so this report will go to CM. Vibhu says so you are planning me to send jail. Anu says no you did that to you and I’m tired of warning you. Vibhu says you weren’t warning me you were trying to Sabotage my career, you are creating problem. Anu says I’m trying to Sabotage, you idiot person if you try to think from you mind you will find out that if I’m not there you won’t be able to do anything by your own in your life. Vibhu says you swallowed my career. Anu says do you know how much I begged for you in front of many people for job. Vibhu says these watchman, waiter, office boy were the job offer for which you begged. Anu says don’t say anything and they were proper job offer but what you are doing is fraud with people. Vibhu says I’m making them healthy. Anu says that is scam, and they both start fighting over there families Anu ask Vibhu to get lost. Tiwari in his bedroom calling Angoori says I’m having unbearable pain in my stomach. Angoori says don’t worry I called doctor he will be here. Doctor come in there bedroom from window and greets them. Tiwari says have you lost your mind who come grom window in someone bedroom. Angoori says let it go. Gupta says Angoori called and I thought window is shortcut so I came in. Angoori says ok now please check him and tell where is pain and ask how do you feel. Tiwari says what is this question. Gupta says there are many kind of pain like lovers pain someone left you that kind of pain. Tiwari and Anu start discussing with eachother and gets romantic. Gupta says to Tiwari loverboy stop being romantic and take this pill one in morning and one in evening you will get relief.

Vibhu comes out of his house standing outside says cant see Angoori its been long since I saw her. Prem come to Vibhu says how’s it going. Vibhu says you tell whats going on I send you for some job did you do that. Prem says I did my job. Vibhu says I didn’t saw any fallout yet. Prem days look there. Gupta come. Vibhu says how’s are patient. Gupta says I got called from Angoori patient is not that well I gave him Vitamins C tablet but that will be no good for him. Vibhu says now Tiwari will come in our clinic and we will give him kickosprin, slaposprin.

Anu and Tiwari goes to police station. Anu greets commissioner. Commissioner says hello Mrs. Tiwari to Anu. Anu says its Mrs. Mishra. Commissioner says I’m sorry tell what you want. Anu says to commissioner please help me Vibhu is about to commit a crime. Commissioner says is he going to murder someone. Tiwari says he is duping people and swindling them out of money. Commissioner days to Anu don’t you worry Vibhu is your husband I won’t arrest him I will talk to him instead. Anu says thank you and they both leaves.

Malkhan on bench in Vibhus clinic says I’m dying. Vibhu start beating him. Malkhan says to Vibhu why did you hit me tell me. Saxena says he was not beating you he was given you therapy. Malkhan says I never heard of this therapy. Vibhu ssys you will never hear about this because I’m the inventor and creator of this therapy, and says to nurse Saxena give him water. Saxena give water and ask him to drink. Malkhan says till when I’ll be fine. Anu come and says till the time you go to and genuine doctor and stop getting treated by a quack like him no treatment in this world will fix you. Vibhu says you are misguiding my patient instead of helping them get better you’re going against them this is wrong. Anu says you are misguiding them. Vibhu says I’m giving them healthy life. Commissioner come and says to Vibhu you are fooling innocent people to extort money from them in the name of fees. Vibhu says to commissioner I think you have wrong information about me. Commissioner says to Vibhu this is your first and last warning if you didn’t pack your set-up I have to force you to get out of here you better understand. Commissioner, Anu and Malkhan leave. Saxena says fees and says to Vibhu now what doctor they will not let us flourish. Vibhu says its commissioner turn now give him strong dose.

Tiwari on chair. Vibhu says he is so much serious we have to give him 25 slaps. Angoori what are you waiting for give him. Vibhu start slapping Tiwari.

Tiwari and Anu together Anu says I want to tell you I’m angry on you. Tiwari says what I did. Anu says you also went for therapy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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