Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update Anita finds truth.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu says to Angoori good you came i know you here for Tarot reading, Angoori says your prediction is wrong i didn’t slap Vibhu, Anu says how can this happen,Angoori leaves. Anu tells Vibhu that Angooris prediction didnt come true,Vibhu says because i didnt do that, i helped your predictions come true,i wanted your dream to come true. Anu says thats fraud who asked you to do that, Vibhu says your business can work just keep the prediction in limit,Anu says no thank you and stay away and stop fooling people and thank you for helping me.

Anu asks Vibhu to go and wash clothes in bathroom she will have coffee till then. Boys having tea, Tilu says lets rob 2-3 lakhs from Hapu, 2 guys come abd start hitting Malkan, Boys ask why hitting him, they start hitting them too, they says you did this to our friend so we did this to yoj revenge complete. Hapu walks to them,Tilu says our friend Hapu is here,Hapu slaps him and says your drama is over and saw me having drinks with you and my promotion is cancelled don’t call me friend.

Angoori performing aarti, Vibhu walks to her, Vibhu says why did you stop it was so peaceful,Angoori says i have lot of work i cant do it all day, Vibhuti says im big fan of your Aarti i can listen to it all day, Angoori says even i like to hear do you perform aarti too, Vibhu thinks if i tell her yes she will love me. Vibhu says yes off course im very devotional, i was born with closed ha ds and slowly my interest in devotion began day by day im very religious, Angoori says but i never see you anytime, Vibhu says i like to do it alone,with no disturbance, Vibhu says i will call you next time,Angoori says sure,Prem greets them, Angoori says bye and leaves.

Prem asks Vibhu what next now, Vibhu asks whats your problem, prem says its my birthday today, Hapu says so its this bad day, vibhu says wheres the party, Prem says great place, Vibhu says i hope not Gulfamkalis place,then im not coming,Prem says its at a great hotel, Hapu says see you then, Prem says you aren’t invited only friends are.

Panditji shows putan photos of girls, putan doesn’t like any, Tiwari says this lawyer father girl is good,he wilm handle your cases, Angoori says stop talking bad about my brother, Tiwari says you stop fooling and choose a girl,Putan says he shows no good girls, Angoori says enough of this tension,he will find his girl, marriages are made in heaven. Putan says god forgot me, Angoori says you will find your princess, Putan says pandit read my hand and tell me do i have marriage in future, Pandit says there is,if one runs other will come and it will continue, Angoori says enough of all this pandit tell me when will he marry. pandit says her name will start with G.

teeka in suit gets a video call by malkan, Malkan says you looking so good in suit,where did you steal it from, Teeka says shut up, Tilu says show us a little glimpse of Mumbai, Teeka says here you go, Tilu says how beautifulshow your work place, Teeka shows him, Tiwari sees it and says you two wasting time here and why you steal my mobile, Tilu says look teeka is in Mumbai.

Tiwari asks what is he doing in Mumbai, Teeka says chief security officer in one avighna park and gives tour, Tiwari says very beautiful, i will go here with Angoori. Teeka says sure.

Teeka flirting with receptionist, his boss walks to him and asks to remove blazer give mobile back and says im looking for it since morning leave, teeka walks out.

pre cap : Boys Putan and Gulfamkali accuse Vibhu for burning down Gulfamkalis bar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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