Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari says tat I really didn’t knew tat ur heart is so big I am proud of u and anguri says tat for u I could have left any business and anita says tat even I m very proud of u and then aniguri says thank you and says now we will leave and she says sorry to vibhuti and leaves while going vibhuti says if any time u again think of starting business do tell me and then anita and vibhuti sit together and he asks her how much did u miss me and anita says every minute especially when I was washing utencils and vibhuti says tat atleast u washed the utencils and then anita says there are lot many bad clothes in bathroom and then vibhuti gets ready and leaves saying I love and and anita replies love u too
Anguri and tiwari are sleeping and tiwari starts singing in his dreams and anguri says to him tat y r u singing and she looks at him and she sees him sleeping and thinks tat he is imagining her in his dreams and she is feels hapy but he sings a line tat we will meet at a lace where there is no anguri and she gets very upset and when he again starts singing she pushes him and he fells down and anguri is crying
Nexy morning anita is talking to her friend minal asking her how is this possible tat Bablu filed for divorce from saroj he was a very loyal husband and minal tells tat he filed for divorce because she used to make him work a lot and anita says this is not possible coz even vibhuti does my work actually sometimes he presses my legs also and anita says tat vibhuti would never do this to me u really spoilt my mood and hungs up and comes vibhuti she looks at him in suspicion he asks wat happen and she asks how much do u love me and he says very much anita asks y a ause to rely and vibhuti says I was measuring the depth and she asks how much deep is it and he says tat so deep tat someone could jump and sucide and he then turns to other side and sasy hi to people down and then leaves and anita says tat my vibhuti would never leave me
Anguri is seen in kitchen crying and comes vibhuti and asks wat happen bhabhiji and she tells tat she thinks tat tiwari is having an affair and listening to this vibhuti gets happy and asks who is she and anguri tells tat he was singing song in his dreams and so I think he is in love with someone else and vibhuti tells anguri tat u leave him and choose another partner indicating him and anguri gets angry and says tat I m asking u to help me and ur guiding me wrong and he then says I m sorry and tells her tat let him eat a lot of food today more rice so when he sleeps I will record wat he says he will definitely take name on the girl he is in love with and says to anguri not to cry and she starts crying loudly and a passerby sees it and reacts badly and leaves
Tiwari then comes home and asks anguri to serve him dinner and he gets a call the person introduces self as sweety agarwal and he says to tiwari tat he has heard his name tat he runs a undergarments business named chameli chaap and tiwari says yes sweety and anguri comes with food and hears this conversation while sweety agarwal asks tiwari to give him some tips to start his business and tiwari says yes sweety we will meet and then agarwal says I love u sir and tiwari replies I love u too and anguri hears it and tiwari sees her standing and says y r u standing keep tat on table and asks y r u looking so angry and she says do eat this food and leaves and tiwari wonders how should I eat all this and then says I will eat it
Anguri goes in kitchen and calls vibhuti he picks up and ensures tat anita is not around and he asks wat happen to anguri and she starts crying vibhuti asks her to calm down and asks wat happen and she tells tat I have found out her name its sweety and vibhuti says wat sweety and then anita comes and stands behind vibhuti and hears his conversation Anguri tells vibhuti tat if tiwari leaves me and went to tat girl then wat will I do and he says tat wont happen and then anguri starts crying vibhuti says tat pls stop crying and he says tat I will come at night and record wat tiwari will speak in his dreams and says tat don’t worry I m there with u and anita comes and stands behind and vibhuti hangs up the phone and he gets scared seeing anita behind and anita asks with whom were u talking and he says tat I was talking to anguri bhabhi telling her a recipe and anita says u called me anu I have observed tat u have stoped calling me darling,sweety so have u found anyone else and vibhuti says tat I do call u all these anu and she says tat u have changed and vibhuti says no and he leaves and anita says tat I will definitely find it out.

Vibhuti gets up at night and goes and anita then says tat I will catch u vibhuti red handed and then give u divorce then at tea stall vibhuti is asking tiwari tat he must have had some girlfriend in past and tiwari says I have always liked and loved one person and vibhuti asks her name and tiwari says bhabhiji and tika and malkhan gets very shocked listening to this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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