Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update : Examination fever.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hapu on call,in police station,two men come there and ask are you inspector here,Hapu asks yes what’s the matter,he says an inspector like you is an matter,hapu says get out,he asks have you heard about Pungi Chaudhary,Hapu says is that you,i never you, i always wanted to see you,anyways what will you have,Pungi says forget that you know Lacho right she is my sister and boys in class eve tease,Hapu says she is your sister,Pungi says yes now do a thing arrest them and break their legs,Hapu says lets not go to that extend i will manage, Pungi says if you don’t i wont spare you.

School begins with prayer,boys again troubling Lacho while praying,Anu says enough of prayer,Anu addresses everyone and asks are you having fun,Hapu says yes we enjoy your class a lot, Vibhu says cheap man i know you enjoying something else and not stuides,Anu asks whats the matter, Vibhuti says it is he is herw for Gulfankali and nothing else and Tiwari how do you like,Tiwari behaves childish,Anu says behave your age,Tiwari says we enjoy your class except botany and chemistry.Vibhuti says forget it and if anyone is interested cab have special tutions from me bhabhiji,she says yes,Anu says classes are going well so no tutions,Tiwari and Hapu request aanu o take tutions,Anu says believe in yourself you dont need tutions.Saxena says just hand them to me and they will be on track,Anu says its adult schooling,dont behave this way.

Angoori says but i need English tutions,Vibhu says dont worry i shall personally give you tutions,Angoori asks why you,Anu says okay okay later, important news is we hace covered syllabus and there will be exams and not for you but for me and grant do study well, Tiwari says my life is for you,i mean in this movement iim with you ,Anu says anyways come on llets begin with classes.

Angoori says i dont know anything how will i give exams,Vibhu says dont worry you go attend classes i assure you will pass ,Angoori leaves and Vibhu calls Prem and shares a plan.Prem says don’t worry question palers have arrived at centre i will manage them.

Vibhu and Prem disguised reach education centre, Prem says this watchman is in our pockets chill lets go steal the papers and go in. Sir arrives and says watchman wakeup you are sleeping what if someone enters and steals paper,Sir hears some voice and gets inside the room and whacks vibhu and prem.

Vibhu and Prem in hospital,Vibhu says you good for nothing, Prem says i had no idea examiner would arrive,Vibhu says what will i answer Anu now,Anu walks in and says i know everything but why did you,Vibhu says to help you,Anu says cheating wont help and leaves,Tiwari hears prem and vibhu talk,Vibhu says i have to help bhabhiji there must be some way.

Vibhu walks in Tiwari house,Angoori asks what’s wrong with your leg, Vibhu says just about to help you but hardships you see, Angoori says this means i will fail in examination,Vibhu says don’t worry you will,i promise and i will pass any extend to do so,no issues at all, for now how about a cup of tea,Angoori says sure and leaves.Tiwari disguised walk in.

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