Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update : Teekas depression.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in kitchen singing,Vibhu walks to her and greets,Angoori says tiwari gifted me these flowers for the auto incident,vibhu says there’s you and theres Anu,im so upset,Angoori says don’t worry she will convince you,Vibhu says that doesn’t work in ours its always me who has to work, i will gift her lot of beauty products and she will be very happy do you want something too.

Teeka upset, Gupta checking her, Gupta says he is in depression, I think its some girl’s matter, Tiwari walks to them,Gupta says he is in danger, Tiwari says he has nothing why is he in depression, teeka says that is why i have nothing,i wish i was married,tiwari says marriage can bring depression too, gupta says right,tiwari says yes its difficult to manage a. child like wife, Teeka

says okay what about your business, Tiwari says no ways on that this tilu.tiwari starts feeling depressed and leaves.

Tiwari gets home and starts whining, says angoori shop and amaji, there’s no life, there’s no fun, Angoori sees tiwari and asks why didn’t you call me, Tiwari says should i call you and dance around,Angoori says why you look depressed,tiwari says all good go work, Angoori says tell me or esle i will call amaji, Tiwari says stop it, Angoori says there’s so much tension i tell you,even putan bhaiya is struggling for bail, Tiwari thinks i better leave or her cassette won’t stop.

Malkan and Tilu trying to cheer Teeka, Gupta says try telling him jokes, Vibhu asks whats wrong, Gupta says Teeka is in depression, Vibhu asks reason,tilu says he wants to marry,vibhu says thats the matter of depression stupid do you have any idea wgat marriage means and starts whining,vibhu feels depressed and leaves.

Tiwari and Vibbu talking on drinks,tiwari says theres no fun in life left, i feel so low,Vibhu says im feeling the same,tiwari asks why,Vibhu says no wirky,just taunts,tiwari says and me just hearing taunts that my business is cheap one, Anu calls vibhu, Tiwari starts dreaming about her, Tiwari says im not in depression anymore,theres a light in my life, Angoori calls tiwari,vibhu starts dreaming about her and says im not depressed too.

Tilu and Malkan working hard to cheer Teeka,Gupta says let’s try tickling him,tilu says let’s try this too, Malkan tickle him but he slaps back, Hapu walks to them and asks what’s wrong,Gupta says Teeka in depression, Hapu starts laughing, and says this unemployed person,Teeka says im so old no work no wife no kids, Hapu says are you mad, once you married there are kids after kids, I haven’t had a peaceful moment since im married,these kids i tell you,terror,Malkan asks and your wife,Hapu says she just keeps ordering, do this do that and I have to manage,Hapu starts whining.

Teeka starts laughing seeing hapu cry,teeka says my pain is nothing in front of his, why should i go in depression im fit and fine,Boys start laughing and leave, Gupta says he is fine but you are in depression now.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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