Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vegetable seller sells vegetables and anguri comes out and asks the hawker at wat rate he gives potato and he says for u I will give u at cheap rate and comes vibhuti and asks the hawker wats the rate of potato he says for u its 40 rs vibhuti is bargaining with him while anguri is trying to talk to him but vibhuti neglects anguri asks him wats wrong but he doenot replies anguri gets angry and goes inside and vibhuti then says tat now she will get crazy to meet me and then the seller asks him to buy potato vibhuti denies and goes while the seller says how these educated people are and he leaves
Anguri goes in her room and cries as she feels very upset due to vibhuti and she calls amaji and tells her tat she is not good as vibhuti is not talking to her and so she feels hurt and amaji tells her tat y r u feeling upset u r very good person u give food to a robber also and anguri says yes once I gave food to a robber and he also came next time and I tied rakhi to him and amaji then tells her tat u r nice and now u r not going to talk to him and anguri says u know I cant do this and amaji then says to her tat u have my promise tat u will not talk to vibhuti and hungs up.anguri then also says tat now I will not talk to him.
Vibhuti is in terrace waiting to have a look of anguri and comes anita and asks wat r u doing here and vibhuti tells tat he got a call from his uncle tat his farms are growing rice and the yield is good and anita then says tat on this good news go and wash utencils while vibhuti says give me a little break I have just washed clothes and anita says ok within 2 min u can go and anguri comes in her gallery and she says how r u ? to anita and vibhuti corrects her English but anguri doesnot listen to him and repeats it to anita anita then corrects her and she says u r right and anita then says I have to go to my grooming classes I will see u and says bye anguri also says bye angain vibhuti corrects her but she gives him a strange look and leaves and vibhuti then says to self how stupid of me I listened to that stupid guys and didn’t talked to anguri now she is angry with me
Tiwari gets ready and asks naguri tat wat is she going to prepare for dinner she tells dishes name and comes in anita and tells tat she doesnot have to make dinner tonight as I m here to invite u here for dinner and tiwari gets so excited tat he says oh u n me for dinner we will go to a hotel name chori chori while anita says to him are u done I m here to invite u and anguri for dinner and then abguri and tiwari says yes they will come and anita leaves while vibhuti decides to call and see if anguri talks to him phone rangs tiwari is working so he asks anguri to receive the phone call and she picks up and vibhuti gets happy to hear her voice anguri is saying hello hello who r u but no one replies and suddenly vibhuti replies and corrects her and says tat he is diesing to hear her and tiwari asks her who is on phone she says tat she don’t know vibhuti gets upset listening to this tiwari then asks her to give him the phone and he asks who is at the other side no one replies and tiwari starts abusing and says r u like our neighbor vibhuti and their vibhuti gets very angry he punches the pillow and tiwari abuses and then hungs up and vibhuti gets so angry tat he bangs his hands on sofa while anita sees it and asks him tat is he ok he tells tat he thought tat the pillow is tiwari and so he was hitting it anita then says r u ok or should we visit a psychiatrist and he says no he is fine and then anita says ok get ready and cook food two sabji some rotis and rice for dinner as tiwari and anguri are coming for dinner tonight he then asks y did she invite them and she says tat I m being social now and leaves
Anita and vibhuti gets ready in traditional wears and are waiting for tiwari and anguri then the bell rangs vibhuti asks anita to open door and she says u open and he says u can atleast open door and then anita says ok I will open but then vibhuti gets up and welcomes anguri but she and tiwari staright away go inside and anita welcomes them and anguri then says hello vibhuti corrects her but she neglects him and repeats to anita while anita corrects her and then she says u r right and vibhuti feels bad that he is been neglected and then they all hear a sound from kitchen and anita asks vibhuti wats there on stove and vibhuti says tat he has kept dal in cooker to cook and he sasy to anguri tat he has cooked her favorite food.

Tiwari says to anita that food is tasty vibhuti says tat he has cooked food anita then says tat some credit should be given to vibhuti and he says some and then they are seen sitting onterrace where anguri praises tiwari while tiwari is laughing on it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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