Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri is crying and asks tat has manmohan got handicapped doctor says no he is not and then doctor says tat shall he take leave and manmohan says yes and asks vibhuti to give him 1000 rs his fees he will give u later and vibhuti gives the doctor fees and doctor leaves while anu says tat its ok anguri starts crying and says wat happen to her husband and vibhuti says poor anguri in such an young age now she will have to take care of her husband with broken back and anita says tat he wont be this way life time while vibhuti says his bone in back has a fracture he could not walk for his entire life and listening to this anguri starts crying while vibhuti holds her hand and consoles her to be quiet even anita asks her to calm down
Doctor in his mind is talking tat manmohan tiwari is very naughty man if he gets such ppatient he wil get a lot of money and there comes ladu and says tat he knows everything the doctor asks did he hear something laddu says when u talk so loudly in your mind he can hear it and doctor says to him tat your brother got hurt and laddu says he knows everything and leaves
Anguri asks manmohan tat is it paining and manmohan says yes and comes ladu and says tat he met doctor outside and he heard wat doctor was saying in his ind manmohan after seeing ladu says in his mind where did he came from now and calls him close and whispers in his years tat he has seen some new kind of shoes in market and will give him next week and ladu gets happy anguri then says tat she will bring turmeric milk for him and then manmohan asks her to take ladu with her too and anguri leaves
Manmohan then gets happy and calls bhabiji(anita) anguri and ladu are leaving while ladu goes to play anguri is telling him to come soon and she dashes a man he then says sorry to her and says tat he was busy in seeing mobile so he dashed while vibhuti sees it comes down and stops the man and says how can he dash a sweet lady just like that cant he see with his eyes or are they gulab jamun(round sweets)tat he didn’t see her the man kindly replies tat if his eyes were gulab jamun then there would have been ants around his eyes and then vibhuti says to the man tat he has done a mistake and so he will be punished anguri says tat let it be as he is her neighbor but vibhuti denies and goes in style and slaps the man and says tat he should not do this again and asks him to leave the man then says tat he said sorry but even then u hit me it is ok and he leaves vibhuti then says to her tat its ok she need not say thank you to him as he respects women and have very much respect for you so he protected but anguri says tat u need not have hit him he was our neighbor and then a siren is heard vibhuti tells anguri tat her mobile is ringing anguri cheks and remembers tat this is alarm to give manmohan turmeric milk and leaves when vibhuti turns he see the man behind him and gets scared and asks him wat is he doing here and ask him to leave the man looks very angry and is crying while vibhuti goes inside his house the man is seen crying
Manmohan is calling anita and she comes in with a glass of milk for him manmohan is acting and yelling out of pain anita gives him the glass and asks him to rest and manmohan says to her tat she has been so nice to him then anita says tat anguri takes so much good care of you manmohan then says tat yes she does but u understand my feelings she cant as one day I asked her to support him and understand his feelings anguri gave a stick of sugar cane in his hands and said have support from this but u understand me so well tat I remembered my mother and comes in vibhuti and says to manmohan tat how could he call his wife your mother then manmohan explains its related to feelings she cares her attitude is caring like a mother bhabhuti vibhuti corrects him to say his nam properly but manmohan purposely pronounces his name as bhabhuti and then anita says to vibhuti tat it is ok he is pain just leave it vibhuti says tat pain is in his back not his mouth anita asks tat is it necessary to take the class of pronounciation now and then vibhuti leaves and anita asks manmohan to drink milk and she leaves
The neighbor of anguri is seen entering her house he rangs the bell and gets a shock anguri opens the door and sees him in shock and asks saxena y are you here saxena says tat he is sorry and she can punish him for tat and anguri says tat no she knew tat it was not intentionally and u don’t have to be sorry for tat and saxena then asks who was tat man who hit me and anguri tells tat he is our new neighbor and lives in this front bungalow saxena thanks for the information and leaves.
Saxena again rangs the bell and gets shock and says tat he like it and laughs and leaves while vibhuti sees him and hides and then enters manmohans house and seeing the bell he reminds of the shock and takes a wood as support and then rangs the bell anguei opens the door and calls amaji vibhuti saya amaji while anguri says tat amaji u need not worry I will talk to u later as there are guest at home and vibhuti is surprised wat is anguri talking about and anguri says tat amaji I will u later and removes her hands free from ears while vibhuti asks is everything ok anguri says absolutely and vibhuti asks y did saxena came here was he troubling u anguri then says no he came to say sorry again and vibhuti says tat his slap was so hard that he came again to say sorry while anguri says tat she feels bad if an innocent is hit anguri s alarm rangs and she says tat she has to cook food for her husband and runs to kitchen vibhuti follows her and says he can help if she needs some but anguri says tat she will do it but vibhuti says tat he cooks at his house and anguri asks u cook at ur house and vibhuti says yes he thinks evry man should know to cook food and asks does tiwari cooks food for her and snguri dreams of manmohan cooking food vibhuti wakes her and anguri says tat she knows to cook and her husband knows to eat food while vibhuti says tat running a family is like driving a bike there should be balance in both the tyres and he sees tat in her family on tyre is punctured and then anguri asks him wat can he cook and vibhuti tells he can cook biryani n lots of varities anguri says tat he seems like a good cook and vibhuti says tat he would like to cook with her anguri says tat it is ok she will manage and u can leave but vibhuti says tat as he has come he will cook something he asks does she has tomatoes,onion,garlic,cloves at home she says yes and he asks if she has a pumkin she says no and says tat she will bring it and is about to leave but vibhuti stops her and says she need not go anywhere and can just look at him how he cooks vibhuti then keeps a utencil on stove and puts lot of oil in it then puts onions and cooks
Anita ,manmohan all are having dinner together anita praises anguri that she cooks delicious food vibhuti also praises her he has never had so tasty food manmohan then says tat anita also cooks tasty and anita asks when did she cook food and manmohan says tat she gave milk it was very tasty and anita replies tat manmohan u r very funny
Anguri then says tat vibhuti also cooks good food actually this biryani is cooked by him and anita gets surprised to hear this and asks vibhuti really did he cook at neighbors house vibhuti then gives a clarification tat when he went at their house she was cooking and was worried about manmohan injury so I just offered her help
Anguri is taking care of manmohan anita comes in and asks is everything fine and then says tat anguri u should stay here tonight while manmohan says tat leaving house alone is danger as there are robberies going on and anguri says yes he is right ladu then says tat leaving manmohan alone is nota good idea and he may need help while saxena is seen near vibhutis house and vibhuti asks anita will it be safe two ladies at one place and anita replies its fine infact u should stay here with manmohan and says tat she has a better ides u can sleep here in this room if manmohan needs anything u can help him
Saxena is reminding of the slap and decides to take revenge.

PRECAP:-manmohan is snoring loudly and vibhuti says how must be anguri sleeping with such a man manmohan kicks him and then starts talking please buy these undergarments vibhuti says wat kind of man is this he is selling undergarments in his dreams and saxena is seen entering their room

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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