Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti and Tiwari father son relationship.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu scolds Tiwari and says go get milk for your mother,Tiwari says you are my father but bhabhiji isnt my mother, Vibhu says dont argue go get it.

Anu reading news,Tiwari walks in,Anu says I read a news that a man made a rich person his dad and then robbed him i doubt you now, Tiwari starts laughing. Anu asks whats so funny. Tiwari says i will rob Vibhu,what does he have, Tiwari says inturn i should be scared that he will rob me,Anu says whatever where is my 10000 per day, Tiwari says will send you soon. Anu says good i see you getting milk now go make a good coffee like a good kid.

Tiwari at tea stall,a man looks at him and starts laughing and says its time to be father and you adopted one, Vibhu walks to them and says c’mon son get me tea, Tiwari and Vibhu get in argument, Vibhu says i quit, Saxena walks to them says you cant you are legally father son.

Master walks to them with his son, Tiwari and Vibhu make fun of him, Tiwari and Vibhu get in argument,Tiwari says you are my father because im caught in a situation get that.

Tiwari Vibhu Prem drinking, Angoori says im so happy to see you two drink together and Vibhu thank you for agreeing,Vibhu says its all for you bhabhiji im going through thos torture, Vibhu and Tiwari get in argument.

Prem makes fun of Tiwari and says you have so many father’s,some say Jumanlala, some say pandit rampal now tell me who exactly is your father,Tiwari hurt starts crying. Prem says stop crying and find the truth,Vibhu scolds Prem says im his father, Tiwari gets emotional, Vibhu says dare you nake fun of him ever again leave now. Tiwari calls Vibhu papa and hugs him gets emotional. Vibhu says i always wanted a son and i have one both express love. Prem says stupid people.

Anu asks Vibhu what nonsense was going downstairs, Vibhu says nothing was wrong down there, i saw a kid in Tiwari, Anu says you are drunk, you find kid in Tiwari and remember you have agreed for this just for 10000 per day. Vibhu says greedy women you are emotion less women, Vibhu says when he called me papa for first time it was best thing, Aju says before it gets worst stop all this, and go to sleep.

Tiwari singing and dancing, Angoori walks to him, and asks why so happy, Tiwari says i finally found my father, Angoori says Pandit Rampal, Tiwaris says its just Vibhu not anyone else. Tiwari says when i called him papa i felt so happy, Angoori surprised.

Teeka, Tilu walk with Shukla sisters in police station and say this is best place for romance let me deal with hawaldar, Tilu Teeka bribe hom to go out, and he leaves. Tilu teeka ask where is your third sister. Girls say she will come soon.

Pre cap : Anu says to Vibhu you wont meet Tiwari, Vibhuti says you cant stop me from meeting Tiwari,Anus ays i find it suspicious are you two cooking something else in name of father son relationship.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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