Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update : Anita and Tiwari shoot a video

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori and Vibhu start shooting for their cooking channel, Angoori starts teaching recipe, and sees Vibhu forgot to buy sweet potato.
Vibhu near tea stall, Teeka Malkan Tilu ask him from autograph and selfies, Malkan says to Vibhu because of Angoori even you became star, so like you made her star make us famous too, and we will worship you, Vibhu asks what quality you have which anyone doesn’t, Teeka says we have lot of qualities, Malkan will tell you, Malkan says Tilu will tell you, Tilu says we have many qualities like, I will think and tell you, Vibhu says okay. Teeka says give us tea.

Tiwari visits Anu, Anu very upset, Tiwari asks why is she upset, Anu asks him does she have no talent, Tiwari says ask me, that goon who got beaten, Anu says many people and Vibhu say I don’t have talent, Tiwari says divorce him, Anu says that’s not solution, give me an idea to prove my talent, Tiwari says let me think, Anu says forget it I have one idea and shares with Tiwari.

Angoori thinking about whether to make bhindi or something else for video, Amaji visits her, Amaji tells her I’m worried about you and Tiwari and he said Tiwari has some starts aligned such way that if you work on solution, he will live 5 more years and you will have to bring anger in you and insult the person in front of you, you have to turn kindness, Angoori says it’s so difficult but will do for Tiwari.

Anu and Tiwari shoot self protection video with help of Saxena, while shooting Tiwari acts to trouble Anu, Anu hits him hard.

Angoori seeing her own videos says I’m looking so beautiful, Tiwari asks what are you doing, Angoori asks what’s wrong with you, Tiwari says I smell pride in you, I won’t quarrel with you today as I’m not doing well,get me oil to massage my back, Angoori says I’m not in video and have to make video, Tiwari says is this more important Then me and don’t think yourself as a star and even I have shoot a video with bhabhiji, Angoori says I’m so famous and leaves.

Anu calls Vibhu and shows him she has 2k likes, says today’s women don’t want to learn to cook but self protection, Vibhu says it’s violence, our video we teach to cook nutritious meal, Anu says now see how my videos will stop Eve teasing, Vibhu says cmon, Anu says I even have a message on my social media one bhabhi that her neighbour use to trouble her every morning while she watered plants, and she saw my video and got inspired and hit her neighbour, Vibhu says you make your video I will make mine, go to sleep.

Boys drinking, Teeka asks Tilu what qualities they have, Tilu asks why do I tell you, what qualities you have, and we don’t have one, we have 1000 and who has stopped from making videos, and the truth is I myself don’t know what qualities we have, Malkan says this is wrong, Tilu says find on your own, Teeka says we will find on our own.

Pre cap : Reporter asks Angoori who would she give credits of her success, Angoori says it’s just me, Reporter says people says Vibhuti is behind you, Angoori says I don’t need any unemployed or lingerie vendors support.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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