Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update Adult schooling.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

HHapu says now let’s begin with lecture, Saxena says dont cross limits come here, whats your problem,Hapu says i was just saying studies are important too. Saxena whacks him, and asks him to go back to his seat,Gulfamkali asks commissioner to say something, Commissioner says he will whack me too,you talk to him,Gulfamkali and Angoori request him to start class. Saxena begins the class.

Saxena says we will learn about Acids and gases,gases like oxygen hydrogen mmethan ethane, Saxnea shows them experiment,and says look at this,it contains poison equivalent to that of 100 snakes, and drinks the acid. Whole class in shock,and in trouble due to smell,Saxena starts acting weird.

School finishes,Tiwrai acts weird and childish,Anu asks him to act his age,Tiwari says i loved your class,Anu asks and what about Prof Mishra and Saxena, Tiwari laughs and says good for nothing,Vibhu abuses him,Anu says relax you are Professor,Saxena says excpet Gulfamkali and Angoori bhabhi no one is worth teaching.

Anu asks boys how was the class,boys say we love your class but this Saxena keeps whacking us, Saxena says that is what will make you vehave,Anu says dont do that, they will start hating school then. Gulfamkali and Commissioner busy onto themselves,Anu asks how was the class,he looks at Gulfamkali and says very nice by now, Prem comes and makes weird sounds,Anu says get lost,Anu asks Master where was he in English class,He says i was unwell,Anu asks Gupta how was class,He says it was completely different experience. Anu says ok see you tomorrow. Lacho complains Anu about boys,Vibhu asks Saxena to drop her home.

Anu says Prof.Mishra please teach me biology tonight so be prepared and leaves. Tiwari practicing English, and starts praising Anu. Vibhu says Anu come soon,Anu says yes just be in character, Anu dressed in uunifrom walks in and says sir i have a question, when two flowers strike what reaction takes place,Vibhu says they pass energy and friction and fire os generated between them,Anu touches him and says sir you are so hot,Vibhu says i just explained you have, and now i will show you something more and hugs her.

Angoori walks to Tiwari and asks stupid questions,he walks out and sees Vibhu hugging a school unaware its Anu,and calls angoori and both get shocked,he shouts at Vibhu and warns i will lodge a complaint ,Anu asks whats the problem,Angoori asks why are you dressed this way,Anu says trial, Tiwari says why go infront of him he had lust in his eyes. Anu says enough lets go to sleep,Tiwari says i have a question,Anu says this is not the time lets go to sleep.

Angoori asks Tiwari shall i dress in uunifrom too and blushes and leaves,Tiwari says bhabhiji looked so beautiful and innocent.Gulfamkali and Hapu studying in bar, Commissioner walks in and Prem follows him, Commissioner asks what non sense is this,he says we were studying, Commissioner says dont lie,you were having fun with her.

Commissioner says dont act infront of me and this i have done long back and Gulfamkali come with me we shall study together somewhere alone so no one disturbs,she says ok come lets go.

Pre cap: Anu says work harder now,exams are approaching,Angoori says how will i pass now, Vibhu says don’t worry i will help you out,iits promise.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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