Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update Modern haircutting salon.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari laughing on jokes posted on newspaper and reads it to Angoori,its the neighbors ran away with each other’s wives, Angoori scolds him and says go get a haircut and go to some good salon. Boys walk to them, and hear them talk, Tiwari says salons are overrated, teeka asks which salon are you going to, tiwari asks why do you want, boys want we want some grooming too, Hapu says nothing would change you will look buffalos,saxena comes up with an announcement, and vibhu along with him, modern haircutting salon. Hapu asks what new drama is this,saxena says this salon will give you a complete make over and the hair specialist and the expert is Vibhuti Mishra.

Tiwari asks when did he turn to an expert, vibhu says past 10 years,Hapu asks and where was it past so many years,Prem

says you keep quite, Angoori says sonits you opening a new salon, boys ask can you give us a makeover, Saxena says anything,Hapu asks anything for my mustaches,vibhu says do visit my salon, bye now.

Vibhu working in salon, Angoori gives him a visit, vibhu welcomes her, and welcomes her in, Tiwari says she won’t it’s gents salon, vibhu asks how may i help you,angoori says help him, Tiwari says is this a drama or you really can work,vibhu says its a lie you can leave,Angoori says please dont get upset vibhuti,you know he keeps doubting.saxena says you will regret if you don’t give him a chance, Angoori says cmon begin.

Saxena offers him welcome drink, Tiwari asks does this contain poison,saxena says this behavior because he never has been to a luxurious salon,Angoori says thats so right,and tiwari please get a cut and vibhu give him a Amitabh bachana look,Vibhu says sure you may leave,Angoori says sure and leaves.

Tiwari falls asleep,saxena says i added sleeping pills in drink,vibhu says smart get colours and curlers, vibhu remembers his insult. Boys discussing about going to vibhus salon, malkan says we have never seen him work ao its risky going to his salon, teeka says im going to get a makeover,you go where you want to, Hapu asks why are you so excited,teeka says nothing,boys agree together,Hapu says i will join too and go before you and get better mustaches.

Vibhu curls and colours tiwaris hair, saxena says oh you have completely destroyed them, Tiwari wakes up and asks who is this, vibhu says thats you, Tiwari aska what did you do to my hair,Vibhu says Amitabh style, Tiwari says curled blue hair, vibhu says i have always seen him this way, saxena says today morning,ge was bargaining for veggies,tiwari says a super star will do that,vibhu asks super star you kean Amitabh bachan i thought last lanes Amitabh kachori, so i got confused, Tiwari says get my hair back, saxena says this colour wont come off for 6 months go bald if you want, and tge bill is 8500,vibhu says for Best of quality,tiwari tears the bill and says i wont pay you and leaves.vibhu says I wanted revenge i got it.

Angoori cleaning,Amaji walks in, and clicks selfies with her, amaji asks hows Tiwari,he comes in running,and gets scared.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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