Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti takes chedilal in croner and says him y did u come here if someone identifies u tat u r that amitabh bachhan and asks him to leave and chedilal says ohk and says tat truly bhabhiji is very beautiful and then vibhuti warns him he should not talk like this about bhabhiji and asks him to leave and then manmohan comes to anitas house on their house terrace and hands over her the bag of washed clothes and anita says y u bring it and manmohan tells tat the dhobi by mistakenly droped it at our house and anita then says tat so sweet of u if it was someone else they wouldn’t have return back and then the man announcing loudly about amitabh bachhans film playing mukadar ka sikandar at theaters and seeing it manmohan says tat now again anguri will start troubling him to lets go and watch the movie and anita says wats wrong in it even I m a big fan of him and manmohan says tat anguri is a bigger fan she has watched his one film for 50 times and anita says I have watched it for 60 time a film and then manmohan says so would u like to watch movie and anita says yes and manmohan says tat he will bring two tickets and anita says tat oh tats so sweet of tickets for her and vibhuti and she then asks them to also come and asks him to buy two tickets for him and anguri and manmohan then says tat we should not go to watch movie as the theater is not good and anta says tat for amitji we can do this and manmohan gets shocked to listen to this as he heard the same reply from anguri .
Vibhuti goes to meet anguri and enters her house and asks if she is at home she comes out and is angry on him and says tat bhabhiji is not at home and vibhuti asks her y r u angry and she says tat she is angry because u didn’t tell her and then vibhuti says tat he is sorry for tat as amitji is his uncle and people start troubling so he had to hide it and then anguri requests him tat she wants to meet him and vibhuti agrees to it later anguri goes to tell anita at her house and tells her tat she is going to meet amitabh bachann and vibhuti is going to arrange their meeting as he is his uncle and anguri then leaves and comes in vibhuti and anita asks him is he hiding something from her and vibhuti says no and anita says tat I want to ask u something is amitabh bachan ur uncle and vibhuti says yes he is my uncle but I was asked to keep quiet and anita says its 7 years of our marriage and u hide it from me he then says sorry and then anita asks him to bring amitji for lunch at home and vibhuti agrees
Manmohan and vibhuti are sitting in rikshaw having tea and manmohan asks wat have u told anguri tat u will take her to meet amitji and vibhuti says she is right as amitji is my uncle and manmohan says y r u lieing and vibhuti says if u have doubt come to my home tomorrow he is coming for lunch next day vibhuti comes with the duplicate amitji whos is in real chedilaal he tells everyone to come out as amitji has arrived and tells him tat please be away from him as he is allergic to crowd and they all agree and chedilaal comes in dancing all welcome him and then vibhuti tells them to ask him question anguri then says tat she is his biggest fan and vibhuti introduces bhabhiji and chedilaal says to her tat her sari is very nice and where does she give to wash her clothes everyone gets surprised as y is amitji asking about clothes and its washing she tells tat she washes clothes at home and he says she should not wash at home and can give him he will wash for her and vibhuti asks him to control as ur amitabh not chedilaal in front of them and then anita says to vibhuti introduce her as she is ur wife and vibhhuti introduces anita as his wife and anita too says tat she is his biggest fan and chedilaal says tat she is beautiful and her skin is like milk
Manmohan then says tat eve he is her and vibhuti introduces him as his neighbor and then vibhuti asks them to ask amitji question and anguri asks him how does he hit the goons in movie and he tells tat he puts some detergent on it and then washes with brush and its clean everyone is surprised by his answer and vibhuti says tat his uncle is very funny and he again warns chedilal next manmohan then asks him which is his favorite movie and says he knows and tells its don but amitji says tat no its reshma jawan hui and everyone gets shocked to hear it and comes in saxena and tells everyone tat come outside soon as amitabh bachan is here and everyone gets shocked and vibhuti gets uncomfortable.

Anita tells vibhuti tat she hates bhindi and vibhuti is saying to the bhindi seller tat bhindi is his favorite and anita see him selling bhindi and scolds him the seller says tat he is selling bhindi not missiles and anita says u can sell missile but not bhindi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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