Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update Differences between Vibhuti and Anita.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gupta says vibhu is injures severely, vibhu says it will take 15 days, Angoori says i pray to God you get well soon, Vibhu says i dreamt so much about the stunts but now, Angoori say calm down, laddoo walks in, vibhu thinks its working, laddoo thinks i will reveal his face, laddo puts the lizard in Vibhuti plaster, vibhu gets scares and jumps, Tiwari says its fake,Vibhu says so is plaster, i was just here to say if such situations come i will still perform stunts.

Vibhuti walks to Tiwari both having drinks, Vibhuti says i didnt even think that you would arrange a fare and there should be fun elements for kids and not stunts, Tiwari says today’s kids love adventure, Vibhu says i think men are so selfish,if Anu finds about stunts she will be very upset, Tiwari says not to worry you aren’t talking to her, and i know you here to plead me to stop the stunt show,vibhu says i wasnt but if you want to go ahead, Tiwari says okay go to Angoori and say you are scared and you are mere in front of Tiwari, vibhu says no ways, Tiwari says see you at stunt show.

Vibhu and Anu in bedroom,Vibhu having sandwiches, and purposely annoys Anu, Anu calls Meenal to taunt vibhu, vibhu calls prem,Anu and Vibhu start blaming eachother on calls. Vibhu and Anu start quarreling with prem and Meenal respectively and cut the call. Vibhu continues annoying Anu

Boys contribute money to go to fare, teeka says something is wrong, Hapu walks to them and says yes there is, teeka asks what did we do now, Hapu says commissioners sons cycle is stolen and i doubt you,teeka says we are sorry, please dont hit us, hapu says give me bribe and i won’t lodge complain, boys give him all the contributed money.

Vibhu walks in tiwari house and says i have to tell bhabhi the truth and calls Angoori, Angoori says yes tell me, Vibhu says the stunt show, Angoori says im so excited and do wear red shirt you look good in it, and wave at me, and have dahi chini for good luck. Vibhu says you are so sweet, Angoori says such a dangerous show, how do you perform god knows and im worried for anu too and you are very courageous where as Tiwari is scared of lizards and cockroaches.anyways tell me why were you here,vibhu says i shall see you later and leaves.

Hapu calls Tiwari at tea stall, and asks where too, Tiwari says to Gulfamkali i want her to handle entertainment department, Hapu asks can i participate too, tiwari asks what wilk you do, hapu says you suggest, anyways whats the usp, Tiwari tells about stunt show, and tells about differences between vibhu and Anu, Hapu says okay and leaves.tiwari says he is so suspicious.

Vibhu asks Hapu how come he is here, Hapu says i came to help resolve differences between you two, Vibhu says why did she make a police complaint, Anu says I’m not a fool, Vibhu says then why are you here, Hapu says to help you like a normal man and not policr officer. Anu says sorry i dont want to involve anyone,Vibhu says because he will point her out, Anu says i agree for third party involvement,Hapu says okay is sha hear both parties and then make decision.

pre cap : Tiwari introduce Vibhuti to audience, Vibhu begins his stunt.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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