Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti and Angoori get kidnapped

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari gets call, Tiwari says where is my phone but, Bhorilal scolds him, Tiwari says you are sitting on it, Kidnapper scolds Tiwari for delaying to pick call, and says he has kidnapped Angoori,Amaji yells at kidnapper, Tiwari says i will fulfill all your demands please leave my wife, Kidnapper says give me my money take your wife, my amount is 5 lakhs, get near kali pahadi. Tiwari says my wife should be safe i will get your money.

Tiwari asks Bhorilal for money, Bhorilal says she is your wife, Amaji says enough you two i will pay she is my daughter, Vibhu walks in and says no one pays i will get bhabhiji home safe and repay Tiwari’s favor, Bhorilal says where will you get money from, Vibhu says i will fight with them, Amaji says don’t trust him, Vibhu says i will still go save her.

Angoori asks kidnapper why is she abducted, Kidnapper says once i get money i will release you, Vibhu walks in and says leave her, Angoori says he is my neighbour, Kidnaper says i dont care give me my money, Vibhu says you wont get even a penny or else, Kidnapper hits him, Vibhu whispers i will hit you now, Kidnapper says you will hit me and starts hitting Vibhu, and says im not your uncle. Vibhu says god he is real kidnapper, Kidnapper asks Vibhu to go sit near Angoori, Vibhu says i will go get money, Kidnapper says shut up and sit there.

Tiwari waiting for Vibhus call, Amaji scolds Tiwari for believing Vibhu, Happu walks in, Amaji lodges complaint and says Happu no one should know about it

Angoori says you came to save me but go stuck yourself, Kidnapper demands for 10 lakhs, Vibhu gets a call, Kidnapper picks the call, and asks Vibhu to talk, its David, Vibhu asks David where he is, Vibhu says I am kidnapped, David drunk gets shocked.

Happu says if i lodge complaint all will know, Tiwari says we dont want this out or else he will harm Angoori, Tiwari says you come with us, Happu says it sounds scary, Tiwari hands Happu 500 says remaining after work done, Happu says firstly im working secretly and you paying me just 2000, Amaji says 5000.

Kidnapper says to Angoori that looks like your family doesn’t love you, Angoori says everyone in my house Loves me my husband, amaji, Putan, daddy. Kidnapper asks when will his money arrive

David Bhorilal Helan and Amaji drinking together, David says let’s forget all grudges, David says very good, Bhorilal and David gets drunk and starts ill talking, Amaji says you two are same, Bhorilal remembers Angoori and starts crying, Helen starts crying about Vibhu, Helan blames David, Amaji asks why, David says i was going to kidnap Angoori, Amaji and Bhorilal scold David, David says but before i kidnap her someone already kidnapped her. Boys walking with trolley carrying their pots, David and Bhorilal get in argument, and both fall on the trolley.

Pre cap: Helan says to Vibhu that she has one more idea to repay Tiwari’s favor, give him medicines to upset his stomach. Vibhu goes to Angoori and adds medicine in the coffee.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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