Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with commissioner saying I was waiting for you happu and where were you? Happu says actually my wife is herein city and her stomach was paining as she is pregnant so I took her to doctor. Commissioner says leave that and a kidney trafficking racket has started in the city and a group is fooling people and removing their kidney and selling it for lakhs of rupees. Commissioner says now listen to me carefully and open your ears, happu says yes, commissioner says if you don’t catch those frauds then the number of stars on your uniform will be removed by me and I will throw you out. Happu says okay and goes.
At home at night vibhu and mama are sitting. Mama says I am proud of you and you have earned a lot but do something for me please and should I remove my pants? Vibhu says oh please stop doing this all the time and I will do it wait. Mama says okay but whenever I eat pickle next day the washroom is filled with the worst smell, vibhu says then why are you eating it now? Mama says I cant stay away from pickle. Mama says so now I know you are earning a lot and you have got 1 crore rupees so give me my 5 lakh rupees. Vibhu is shocked.
There in tiwaris house lawn, anita says why did you overact so much and I told you don’t do this. Vibhu says what did I do? Anita says you told tika to give you a 1 crore cheque. Anita says now you give him 5 lakh rupees. Vibhu asks Tiwari please give me money and I will return it to you, Tiwari says I don’t have 5 lakhs. Anguri says yes you have and yesterday you got your payment. Anita and vibhu look at each other, Tiwari says I gave it back. Anita says forget it we don’t want your money and says I will do something as I had used his money. Happu comes and says what is happening here? And what is this mamulal nursing home? vibhu says its just drama and you get lost. happu says don’t talk like thata and a kidney racket is going on in the city and I will put you in jail. Anita says I have got an idea and happu you seriously put vibhu in jail, vibhu says what? Anita says happu can come tomorrow when mama is in hospital and say that you were doing a kidney racket so they will seal all your properties and meony so we wont have anything to give to mama and he will go. Everyone say that’s such a nice idea.
Next day vibhus uncle comes in auto and asks pelu if he will drive auto in London? Pelu smiles. Uncle goes home and sees mama and says you useless man what are you doing here? Mama says what are you doing here characterless? Uncle says this is my vibhus house, mama says this is my nephew vibhus house. Uncle says you ran with your neighbor useless and get out from here, mama says you ran with your sister in law and you get lost and this is dr.vibhus house. Vibhu comes and says shut up. Uncle says what vibhu is not a doctor and I know he is not worth being a compounder too. Mama says don’t insult him and he became doctor from my money, uncle says what? And throw this man out and vibhu is not a doctor. Vibhu goes and tells in mama ears that uncle is mad and has a memory loss that’s why he came here so stay quiet. Vibhu says same to uncle about mama and tells mama removes knife to kill anyone who insults him so you should go, uncle says what? And he takes bag and goes back again. Mama says good he went and take a look at my piles problem, vibhu says oh please not now we will go later.
At home at hospital, vibhu Tiwari anguri and anita are there and mama comes. He says give me my money and I will go as train is waiting. Happu comes and points gun at everyone and says hands up and you are doing a kidney trafficking racket here, vibhu says no you must have misunderstood. Tiwari says no I cam here for an operation of a boil on my butt but he remove 1 kidney from my body, happu says I will arrest you and says who made you doctor and he will go in jail too, mama thinks he will take me too so I should go, mama says vibhu I will go now and we will meet next year and mama goes. Everyone laugh and anita thanks happpu for his help. Commissioner and a constable come and say happu arrest them for their kidney racket now, vibhu laughs and says wow happu you even involved commissioner in this drama. Happu says silently that no he is not involved and he is actually telling me to arrest you. Everyone is shocked. They all 4 are arrested.
In the jail, anita tells happu that what is this and why didn’t you tell commissioner the truth? Vibhu says yes. Happu says he did not let me speak you saw thata. Tiwari says you wanted promotion so you kept quiet. Happu says no I don’t want a promotion where anita is hurt, everyone look at happu, happu says I mean you all are hurt. Commissioner comes and says did they tell the truth? Anita says at least listen to us once, commissioner says okay. Anita tells the entire story of mama and why they did this. Commissioner says okay and tells happu leave them and he goes in his room with a lady constable. Happu leaves anita and anguri and goes out with them. Vibhu says see what a man and he left them not us.
Outside tiwaris house all equipment are being put back in the truck. anita gets a call that is advocate vibhuti Narayan Mishra there? Anita says no, vibhu takes phone and says oh yes its advocate vibhuti and its vibhus another uncle. Uncle says I am coming, vibhu says okay and keeps phone. Vibhu tells anita it was rajnors fufa and he gave me 5 lakh for studying law but you used that too in your grooming classes and now he is coming to see my success. Tiwari says so we have to put a court here now? Tika says this time I will be judge. Episode ends.

Precap: happu arrests Tiwari in a murder case. Anguri is crying and says leave him. Vibhu and anita say stop and say have you murdered someone and that cant be true. Tiwari says yes I killed someone. Happu takes Tiwari to jail.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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