Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri is serving breakfadt to manmohan and laddu and then she asks them to eat fast and manmohan says tat its just 8.30 am I open my shop at 10.00am and anguri then says y don’t u open at 7.00 am and manmohan says at 7 people go to take milk not undergarments and then manmohan tells anguri tat she is lookin very beautifull today and then laddu says tat I m here and he then runs and says to anguri tat he is going to play outside and then manmohan also leaves he tries to romance her but she says tat she has not done pooja yet and then she goes to her room and keeps the tape recorder and opens the door of cupboard and there are all over amitabh bachhans photo and vibhuti comes in and calls for bhabhiji but no one responds and he hears the sound of song and goes to see it anguri is dancing to amitabhs song and vibhuti sees her dancing hiding behind the door she then sees him and stops and then vibhuti then asks r u such a big fan of amitji and anguri says yes she is and only manmohan knows about it and then she says she has told manmohan to take her to Mumbai to see amitabh bacchan but he never agrees and then viibhuti in his mind says tat if only he could knew amitabh bacchan.
Anita is seen waiting for the dhobi and she is angry on him as he has not come from many days and there are many clothes to be washed and vibhuti is also not at home and her door bell rangs she thinks tat it must be the dhobi babulal and then says tat door is open and when a man comes in she hits the cluster of colthes and it hits manmohan and she then says sorry and manmohan says tat u must have thought that it must be babulal dhobi and she says yes as he has not came from many days and manmohan tells her tat babula was having affair with his neighbor so he ran with her and anita gets angry listening to it and says this so bad such kind of men should be hit hard and manmohan imagines tat anita is hitting him and then he says he has work and he runs and anita says manmohan is crazy he ran like I was going to hit him and then she goes in calling vibhuti
Anguri comes in gallery and vibhuti is also there and they see tat a man is announcing that in theaters it is sharabi and amitab bachhan film playing and then vibhuti then says tat should I book two tickets and anguri says yes but 4 u and anit and me and manmohan will go and vibhuti says tat anita doesn’t like movies and manmohan is busy in working y cant we go and she says ya sure and goes inside that evening manmohan returns from work and anguri gives him his favorite food halwa and tells tat she has made all his favorite dishes and says to him tat in theaters is amitabh bachhans film sharabi playing lets go to watch it manmohan says no as last time the theater is bad and I cant sit there she then tries to convince him but he says no
A new dhobi comes to anitas house to take clothes and he tells his name as chedilaal he asks her to give more clothes but she refuses and slaps him as he was behaving badly anita closes door on his face and while leaving he meets vibhuti and he says to chedilal tat wat is he doing here and then chedilal tells tat his father forced him to be a dhobi or he was going to Mumbai to be a hero as he is big fan of amitabh and acts like him and vibhuti thinks tat he got an idea to impress anguri and conivinces chedilal to act like amitab and he agrees
The same night while going to sleep manmohan sees tat anguri is angry in him and he tries to convince her by tickling and taking names of amitjis film and dhe then laughs and then they sleep but anguri is still laughing then nest day anguri gets up and starts her daily work and she then sees vibhuti with amitji in rikshaw and she almost faints seeing it and then vibhuti goes to terrace and waits for anguri to come to him and ask about amitji anguri comes in terrace but does not talks to vibhuti he then says hello to her but she doesnot replies and leaves vibhuti thinks may be she is angry and decides to findout
Chedilaal goes to anguris house rings bell and gets shock anguri then asks him wat do u want he says that he has brought their clothes they gave to wash and the bill is 300 she says tat they don’t give clothes to was h they wash at their own house but chedilal doesn’t listen and comes manmohan and asks wat is the matter she tells tat he is saying tat we gave clothes to wash but we haven’t and manmohan asks chedillal to check and vibhuti sees chedilal at manmohans house and goes to see tat if he haven’t released the truth of amitabh bachhan and chedilaal opens the bag and shows him the cloth and manmohan sees tat its anitas boluse in his hands he gets very excited having it in his hand and vihuti takes chedilaal aside and asks if he has not told everything .

Vibhuti tells anguri tat amitji is his relative and anguri then tells tat she wants to meet him and vibhuti invites him to meet everyone anita doubts tat he is short in heinght.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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