Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update : Teeka as Genie

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu disguised as south Indian selling coffee and snacks at night, Angoori disguised as man calls him and asks for coffee, Vibhu says you look young boy why donyou work now what’s your name and you look kind of a girl,She sayd im a boy my name is Hrithik and i do this for college fees,she fumbles in English and vibhu recognises her.

Vubhu walks to Anu and says good morning,Anu says where were you last night and now get me coffee and then tell me,vibhu says was selling coffee heres the earning,Anu says these are pennies anyways count them,Vibhu says reducing all expenses its 500,anu says which means 15000 a month so proud of you,vibhu says but its such a hard work my whole body is in pain, Anu says look at positive side when you will earn more I will get you motor cycle now get

me coffee too,and the whole of kitchen is yet to be cleaned and iron my red saree too then sleep no one will disturb and will you have mutter paneer for lunch,vibhu says i love it, Any says then go make it then.

Angoori keeps money at entrance and says when tiwrai will come from jogging he will see it,Tiwrai walks in picks it up and calls Angoori and says someone left 1000₹ at the door,or is it yours, angoori says i didnt leave the house,so let it be found at our door so its ours now sit here i shall get breakfast.

Tiwari looks at money and says oh they are real. Angoori in garden, Vibhu walks to her and greets her, Angoori asks how are you, Vibhu says you happy me happy you sad me sad, Angoori says how come im sad then you sad,vibhu says like laila majnu,Angoori says i dont believe that,Vibhu says anyways tell me all good,Angoori says business isnt doing well, im late now bye.vibhu says bhabhiji i can’t take you driving auto i will do something.

Hapu washing clothes and says why do i have offs its better when im duty, let me try lamp if genie comes it may help me, he starts rubbing,teeka arrives, and says order my master, Hapu says i want to be comissioner, genie says im not a officer to do all that,Hapu says but you are a genie, hapu says quickly, Genie says first get me chicken biryani I’m very hungry, Hapu confused says okay right away, anyways why do you have resemblance to teeka.

Vibhu back to duty in disguise,he sees Angoori and asks how are you, a customer comes but vibhu sshss him away,Angoori scolds him, Vibhu says you are a sweet boy so i want to ride in your auto.

Teeka and malkan having biryani, Hapu walks to them, and asks whats up, teeka says biryani come have some,
hapu asks how did you manage money,teeka says fooled a man,hapu says good good have fun and leaves, Hapu removes the lamp and rubs,teeka says listen our lamp has been misplaced, Hapu quickly hides and says will inform when i find it and leaves.
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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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