Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with, showing in the city of Kanpur a traveler in a riksha listening to song ‘jhooth bole kava kate’ while a jyotishi is seen drinking tea and a man in front of him asks will he speak up now and the jyotishi looks into his hand and again takes a sip of tea the man again asks him to speak up and there comes anguri with some snacks panditji(jyotishi)gets happy seeing it and anguri then asks him wat does his hand tells and comes a boy who dashes his bicycle to gate and the man scolds him saying tat it is costly and the boy then touches the pandits feet and and also bhabijis(anguris) and then she gives him blessings and the man ask her to stop giving blessings now as he wants to listen wat panditji says and asks the boy to stop talking and leave but the boy says when did he talked
The man then asks panditji to read his hand predict future and the pandit replies tat it is tasty the man says tat it is his hand and not food and the pandit says tat he was talking about the pakodas they are very tasty and then anguri asks shall she bring more and the pandit says yes while the man asks her to stop and says to panditji tat the pakodas cost 50 rs a plate and up till now u have had 3 plates if u demand one more he will cut the price from the dakshina and then pandit asks anguri not to bring the snacks and anguri asks if she can bring sweets i.e rashgullas and manmohan says to anguri tat will she make him poor and listening to this pandit says tat only 4 rashgullas will not make u poor and manmohan says tat even those 4 rasgullas cost some money and then pandit says to manmohan tiwari tat a guest is a god and u should not say no to him and manmohan says tat we only show bhog(parasad) to god and he doesnot eat it all and asks him to read his hand and the pandit in his mind calls manmohan a kanjus and the boy laddu tells everyone tat panditji in his mind called manmohan a kanjus panditji asks him how did he get to know then laddu says tat u said it in ur minds so loudly while anguri tells panditji tat laddu can hear wat people say in their mind it is god gifte and manmohan corrects her tat it is god gifted while anguri says u r rit. Then manmohan asks panditji tat please read his hand and tell when will he get a big order of nearly lakh to two lakhs of under wear and baniyan(under shirt) if he gets it soon then he will give u 8 rashgullas instead of 4 to eat
The panditji then tells tat he will get the order but his lines show tat soon there is a problem coming towards him and then anguri asks manmohan saying ladus brother wat kind of problem .
Then a lady named anu is seen talking to bahadur on phone asking him to keep the house clean and comes in her husband telling her tat taxi is here and we should leave and comes anu’s mother in law stopping them while anu says y is she giving them trouble and then the mother in law says to her son tat he should go safely while her son says tat they are gnot going very far but just 10 km and she says tat she has never sent u 10 cm away from her right from the time u were small u used to do toilet in my laps and the son says tat every small child does toilet in his/her moms lap and asks her to stop reminding those scenecs
Anu then asks mother in law wat is ther in the basket she then tells tat this homemade ghee and asks to use it on rotis as his son has become weak he will gain energy the son says to his mom I love u and she says naughty boy and then she shows kaju and son says mom I love u and then shows achar and says give it to eat wit roti wen u cant make a sabji and ask them to use it for a month and anu asks y for month and then mother in law says tat after a month she will be there with them permanently
Anu then asks her mother in law to please let them go as the taxi is also waiting and the mother in law says go when did I made u stay they leave while there mother of vibhu gets emotional and hugs them
Anguri is packing bags while comes ladu and says tat he is going to play out anguri stops him and asks him to come soon as they have to leave and manmohan sees this and asks anguri y is she packing bags and anguri replies tat we r going to her mothers house as storm is going to come her as said by panditji and to this manmohan says tat tat storm can come anywhere they go and then she starts unpacking the bag while manmohan gets a phone cal from agrawal underwears and the agarwals give him a order of 5 lakhs and says tat they will come to see the samples and hang the phone.
Manmohan then asks anguri to make tasy food to feed these agarwals and make them happy so tat they will confirm give order to them and anguri says tat she will definitely make it but wat about the storm manmohan asks to neglect and asks her wher are the samples kept and anguri says tat they are lying on terrace.
Anu says to vibhu that bahadur is not receiving phone and asks him to come along with her to check wats the matter vibhu then asks the driver to look at the luggage and then asks him has he done policy of his car and starts telling him about a good policy but anu calls him and he leaves
Then kids are seen playing cricket on roads the boy hits the ball and it hits the the board of house ino.6 which turns upside down and looks like house no.9 anu and vibhu see this house no.9 and enter thinking its their and anu sees the door open and says tat bahadur is mad how could he keep the door open and enters the house vibhu then says tat house is beautiful he cant think tat he can get such a nice house on rent and then see the house around and says tat whoever has done the interior is a donkey has no choice of colors at all and anus phone rangs its her mother in law she says tat they have reached and will give her message for sure and says tat they are just 10 km away and she should not worry and hung up and comes another cal anu says to vibhu tat this is important one and picks up but saying tat there is a network problem she goes out to talk on phone and find network
Vibhu then says tat the house is wonderful but the interior is bad and then he hears a sound food being cooked in kitchen and smells and says tat food is cooked in pure ghee and goes in tat direction and sees a lady(anguri) cooking food and gets attracted he keep staring at her back while music play at the background
Anu goes upstairs chitchatting on phone and manmohan sees her she is talking on phone about the colors and texture for her centre looking at her manmohan also gets excited and attracted towards anu and her English she speaks music is playing at background while he keeps staring at anu
Vibhu then says to anguri tat the smell is very good and anguri turns and vibhu says tat this is the same smell wen my mom cooks food and anguri thinks tat he is the client of her husband and ask him tat is he the Clinton(client) of her husband and vibhuti asks tat is she monica and she says tat she is angur and he also introduces himself as vibhuti

While on terrace manmohan asks anu she came very early and anu says tat she called u but ur phone was not reachable and then he asks anu to sit and anu asks him wat is all this on table and manmohan tells tat these are underwear and undershirts
Down in kitches anguri tells vibhuti tat her husband is upstairs but vibhuti thinks tat her husband is dead and he says to her tat he left u in so early age and died did he had a policy anguri then says tat he is not dead he is upstairs on terrace and vibhuti says tats nice and angur asks him to come in hall anguri says to come in room and vibhuti asks y in room anguri says come in ghost room vibhuti gets confused and anguri says in guest room and vibhuti laughs over it and angur asks him whhhat do u want vibhuti is still confused and anguri ask wat will he have cold hot to eat and vibhuti says anything hot.
While on terrace looking at so many underwaer and undershirts anu asks manmohan that do u wear so many under wear and undershirts and manmohan laughs and says tat he does not wear all these but he sells and shows her saying chameli chaap underwear and undershirt once u wear u will cry and then corrects and says once u wear u feel like wearing it many times
While vibhuti drinks tea and says tat tea tastes wonderful nd says tat she has put a bit spices in it and anguri says u r rit and vibhuti says tat he can feel the pain in this tea and says thanx to anguri while anguri says my blazer and vibhuti gets confused again and asks blazer anguri says tat when u say thanx we reply tat and vibhuti says u mean pleasue and anguri says u r rit.
On terrace anu asks manmohan tat does his wife stay with him he say yes and anu asks him r u bahdur and manmohan thinks tat she is asking him weather he is brave and he replies yes he is very brave from his childhood and then anu says no not tat and asks him from where are u and he says tat he is from bihar
While in hall vibhuti tells anguri tat he completed his education in delhi but his forefather belong to banaras anguri then says tat 4 fathers that means u had 4 fathers and vibhuti explains her tat fore fathers means their elders(purvaj)and asks her wat else does she knows and anguri tells tat she knows to cook ,sing and say shayari vibhuti then says tats good u know shayari and then he requests her to say one shayari and anguri says tat she is shy of saying it vibhuti then says tat oh its nice tat u are shy u seem to be a package of shyness and anguri asks wat did he say vibhuti says tat nothing and asks her to say a shayari and anguri then thinks tat is should say a shayari or else the order of 5 lakhs of her husband would be canceled and then vibhuti asks her to say and anguri says muli rayta pakadiye vibhuti gets confused and then starts laughing ohh it means mulayza farmaiye(pay attention here)and anguri says rit and says tat she is weak in urdu and vibhuti asks her to speak and anguri says a bird sitting near a river I thought it was parrot when I remember u vibhuti praises her and comes there anu and asks who is she?vibhuti then says tat he dosent know who is she but she is very nice
Manmohan says tat she is his wife vibhuti asks who is he anu tells he is bahadur manmohan says tat his name is manmohan tiwari but she can call him bahadur and vibhuti says tat he will also call him bahadur manmohan says tat u can call him anything but please give him order first and vibhuti says one roti one vegetable rashgullas and anu says one sweet lime to this manmohan says tat food is ready and shows vibhuti samples of underwear,undershirt and asks him to check them vibhuti says tat he has his own and don’t need this and manmohan says please check these samples and give them the order while anu says bahadur how do u think we will buy these cheap underwears and undershirts manmohan then says tat u are here to give order then please do so and then vibhuti says to anu tat he thinks thisman has gone crazy listening to this anguri says to vibhuti tat he should not say cray to her husband and vibhuti says tat he take his words back anu then asks vibhu to let her handle this and says tat u have gone crazy and manmohan says tat she can call her crazy but anguri says to him tat no one can call u crazy and let her talk and says tat we do business of underwear and undershirts then we will talk about this only
Anu then says tat y would we do business for underwear and anguri says tat a customber will only do business or the neighbours and anus says customber then vibbhuti corrects her its customer and anguri says its rit anu then says tat do we look like the ones to do business in undergarments and manmohan says to them u r agarwals na vibhuti asks who agarwal and manmohan says agarwal the one who do undergarment business anu stops vibhuti tfrom explaining and introduces as vibhuti narayan mishra and herself as anu mishra manmohan then shakes hand with anu saying he is happy to meet her anguri then says tat this is not good new as they are not customers manmohan then says if they are not customer who are they and anu says tat bahadur u please resign from this job and ask him to get out while vibhuti says to manmohan cant u understand wat madam said please go and says to anguri that she can stay here and says to anu tat sheis a good cook anguri says tat y are u removing him as this is our house anu then says to anguri tat excuse me this is sharmajis house manmohan asks who sharmaji and anu tells him one from aligad dindayal Sharma manmohan then says tat so u r the one who has come here stay at dindayaljis place vibhuti says yes and then manmohan says tat so u r anita mishra who is going to start the grooming classes and starts laughing and tells tat they have come in wrong house this is house no.6 as the screw of the no.6 plate is loose so it turned to 9 anu then appologises to them and asks them their introduction manmohantells tat he is manmohan tiwari and she is anguri devi
Anu then says sorry tat she said all nonsense to him but manmohan says tat she should not mind and he is sorry too as anguri said many things and asks anguri to say sorry and then manmohan and vibhuti hug each other while vibhuti is looking at anguri and says in mind she is so sweet and manmohan also says in mind looking at anu that she is so nice

PRECAP:- anguri is calling ladu and says to him my baby who will have breakfast so early morning ur riding bicycle vibhuti is seeing all this and in his mind says tat he didn’t knew tat they had a kid and anguri tells ladu tat this is bhaiya and then vibhui enters bathroom and shouts as someone is already in there.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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