Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update ; Angoori gets kidnapped

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori massages Amajis hair says your hair is so dry, Amma says I was busy in all farming works. Helan in balcony, she yelling at her husband and says people are teasing me. Angoori greets Helan, and asks how is she, Helan says good, Amaji says she doesn’t want to talk to you why force her, Angoori says cmon you two patch up, let me help, and says to Helan that I’m not liking you two aren’t talking, Helan says i have no issues with Amaji, Amaji says neither do I but David misbehaved with me, Helan says Bhorilal misbehaved with me first, Bhorilal says that’s not the first time, Helan calls David, David and Bhorilal gets in argument.

Boys selling pots and scared when reach Mishra and Tiwari house, they see David and Bhorilal abusing eachother and arguing, they pick pots and start throwing at eachother, David hits Bhorilal but he gets saved by his helmet, Bhorilal hits David and he gets hurt. Saxena walks to the, and sings asking them to peace. David and Bhorilal leave. Boys loose all their pots.

Helan scolds David says you always come back beaten, David says I didn’t spare him, David says Bhorilal wore helmet and so he was saved but I didn’t. Vibhu says he will always lose to uncle, David asks why, Helan saysyou do nothing, Vibhu says I’m under his favors. Helan says get Tiwari kidnapped and then save him, David says good idea, I will become a kidnapper and kidnap him, Vibhu save him and you won’t be under any of his favours.

David drinking with his driver with whom he will kidnap, driver says you look a newbie, and let me tell you this business has lot of money.
Tiwari walks to Angoori in kitchen, says today I feel so energetic and romantic, what did you add in food, Angoori says it’s the new flour I’m using from nourish, it’s very good and has many other products too.

Tiwari in call in colony with his client Gupta, Vibhu and Helan keeping an eye on Tiwari, Helan asks Vibhu to call David and check where he is, David says I was having a peg, Vibhu says come soon, David says yes I am coming, Tiwari goes inside, Angoori walks out to go get grocery, van stop by her, Angoori thinks it’s taxi and gets inside it, Vibhu says oh god it’s a mess, Helan says it’s a plus point instead, you will save Tiwaris wife.

Tiwari crying on Angooris kidnap, Bhorilal slaps him, and blames him, Amaji slaps him back and says useless, Bhorilal says I’m sure he has given bad quality products and so someone is taking revenge, Tiwari. Says I think we should lodge complaint, Amaji says they may hurt Angoori, Amaji says instead they could take me, Bhorilal says that would prove them expensive.

Boys drinking and upset on their loss, Malkan says patience we will be paid for our hardwork, Teeka says how long will I wait, Tilu says he is right my hopes are broken and faith shaken, Malkan says faith is necessary, Teeka says I don’t think we belong here, Tilu says stop cribbing we will now change our plan, we will leave late night with our pots, no one will fight and break our pots, so it will be good. Teeka and Malkan agree.

Pre cap : Vibhu gets kidnapped

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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