Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update tiwari as tribal man

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr Gupta and Vibhu taking angooris tests for being a nurse,Gupta says let’s try injection,here go,vibhu says yes bhabhiji just act as if you are giving injection,Gupta says why act,you are patient she will give you injection,and removes a big one and says it’s for jungli people,vibhu says you apply it,Gupta says why will I,I am not patient,few minutes before you said you are ill,vibhu says I am ok,Gupta says bhabhiji you will have to deal with such patients too and in this case,you have to force them pull them down and put injection,angoori says ok and puts injection in his bum.

Anu On call says yes all preparations for ad is done and Tiwari will look jungli don’t worry,Tiwari dressed as tribal man jumps in,Anu gets scared and looks at tiwari,tiwari imagines dancing in colony as tribal man and anu joining him dance looking like a princess.

Anu says Tiwari where are you lost,Tiwari says actually went in the depth of the role,any has how am I looking,anu says you look like a real Tarzan and thank you for helping me,tiwari says I’m here to
Help you,Anu says tell me what all happened with you after you dressed,Tiwari says dogs were chasing me,Anu says very good this proves all is working well because dogs bark on jungli people.

Tiwari asks where are we shooting,Anu says first I thought of shooting in forest outside labour but there are many tribes there and I don’t want you to be in danger so now the plan is to shoot,outside my house with a set up,Tiwari says this is good that’s safe option,Anu says do a thing dance,tiwari says I feel shy,anu says you are artist and not a kid you are chosen for this ad and your director wants you to be auditioned and if this ad is hit you will be superstar,Tiwari says ok and starts acting and dancing,anu says ok not bad and you are tummy,it’s not good,your on diet now you will eat only fruits.

In the tribe community outside Kanpur,the leader king hera is welcomed,he asks prince moti is all okay in kingdom,he says yes but in the palace all is not good,my sister Neelam and your sister nagina are both Unmarried we need to do something,hera says go city then and find some civilised jungli,Moti says from city,he says yes they are worst than us worst than animals in fact and so go and get a good match.moti says I shall leave right away.hera says go quickly,moti says yes after them it will be my turn,hera says yes and after that I will marry for the 11th time.

Vibhu says baby I’m going for good work and thanks to bhabhiji,anu says I’m so proud of you,tiwari says I don’t think you will do this properly,Gupta says even I agree god knows why he wants to come with us,Tiwari says exactly,anu says shut up stop demotivating my vibhu,angoori says enough you two,we are leaving let’s go on a good note.

Tilu at tea stall uneasy due to stomach ache and says it’s because of I ate too many almonds,tikka says where did you get almonds from,tilu says I stole them from the dry fruit shop and ate a little too much,Happu joins them,tikka says tilu is pain because of eating almonds,but almonds are good right,happu says have anything you like and have fun.

Anu walks to them and says tikka Malkhan tilu I have job for you will you,boys says yes we will what is it,anu says I’m working on ad film and need someone to manage production will you,boys says yes,Happu says they won’t try me,boys says oh please you go handle your own 9 productions,anu says stop it and you three come visit me home and yes you won’t be paid just food,boys ok deal.

Gupta examining a patient,angoori asks how are you feeling,patient says I can’t sleep I feel lost,a pain in heart,vibhu says you have fallen in love,Gupta says please shut up,bhabhiji these are symptoms of low bp and high sugar,please give him injection,and Vibhu hold the guy.

Angoori says patient be calm,vibhu holds him and angoori puts injection and patients Moans in pain.

Anu sets everyone on set and says everyone do your job well and let’s do a rehearsal and begins,moti hiding and watching findss tiwari a perfect match.

Pre cap: Gupta informs angoori and Vibhu that the forest we going houses many tribes and its very dangerous many don’t come back.tiwari being kidnaped by moti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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