Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update : Tiwari and Vibhutis fake promises

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu scolding Vibhu for entering Tiwaris bedroom, Vibhu says give me some space and i promised you and mentally have quit drinking, im leaving. Anu says no you won’t leave. Vibhu leaves.
Anu says he will come back home finally then i will see.
Tiwari and Vibhu sit for drinking, Vibhu says Today we promised our wives, Tiwari says we wont touch, so you give me drink and i will give you so the promise stays. Vibhu says great idea. Tiwari says Angoori tried hard to stop me but i couldn’t stop. Vibhu says so did Anu. Tiwari says i have noticed one thing Alcohol and wife cant be together, Vibhu says very true
Happu sees them and says wow so much love, Vibhu says there’s no love in world so we sharing, buzz off now. Tiwari says come lets have pan come, Happu throws pan at them and asks why you want pan, Vibhu says this will eliminate the smell of alcohol, Saxena says the smell will go but what about this alcohol it is killing you, your kidney and livers gonna fail soon.
Vibhu and Tiwari ask Happu to slap Saxena on their behalf. Happu slaps saxena and then says he was right though and leaves.

Anu and Angoori in balcony, discuss about alcohol addiction of their husbands, Angoori says I hope they arent drinking, Anu says im sure they are, Angoori says they promise but, and if they did, Tiwari has to choose between me or alcohol, Anu says so does Vibhu. Vibhu enters his bedroom, Anu asks him why are you sneaking in like a thief, Vibhu says i thought you were sleeping, Anu says you are drunk right, Vibhu says not even a drop, Anu asks why are you eating pan, Vibhu says to divert my mind from alcohol, Anu says I’m so happy for you, Vibhu says i won against alcohol, Anu says im so proud of you, Anu gets a video message, a video of Vibhu and Tiwari drinking, Anu shows Vibhu the video, and gets angry and asks him to get lost.

Tiwari sneaks inside his bedroom, Angoori gets scared, Tiwari says dont be scared its me, meeting took a little long, Angoori says i hope you arent drunk, Tiwari says no i havent, Angoori gets same video message from Happu, and shows to Tiwari says you are drunk, Tiwari says thats my look a like, Angoori says get lost. Tiwari leaves.

Tiwari and Vibhu see eachother in balcony, and ask eachother whether they are thrown out and answer yes, Tiwari asks why were you thrown out because you were smelling, Vibhu says no because Happu sent Anu video

Boys drinking, Tilu asks Teeka to slow down,Malkan says i cant forget the bottle master had, Teeka says once we go out of money we will use that, Saxena walks in and looks at them angry, and says it time to bring some people back on track, Malkan says may god help you, Saxena says since god has blessed me let me start and picks up a rod and starts hitting them, Saxena whacks them hard. Saxena says because of alcoholis like you the community, country is spoiling.

Pre cap: Anu and Angoori get angry seeing their husbands drink again. Angoori calls Amaji, Amaji gives her an idea

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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