Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with saxena telling vibhu to remove lizards now because at night before sleeping he needs to eat lizard soup. Vibhu says what and is shocked and he starts searching for lizards. There tilu brings tiwari out and tells him that today he wants his dream to be fulfilled and he will sit on the table in the middle of the street and tiwari has to do his hand and leg massage. Tiwari says you are going out of limits, tilu says I will slap you and do as I say as you are my slave now. Tiwari and vibhu are slaves and doing as their owners say.
Next day at home tiwari and vibhu are talking and happu singh comes with anguri and anita handcuffed. Tiwari and vibhu are shocked and they say what have you done and why are you arresting them? Happu says I know now that they were the women who were playing cards and gambling in the town so they will be jailed for 3 years now. Tiwari and vibhu say what and no and tiwari says I will give you as much bribe you want. Happu says I will not take bribe and I am taking them. Tiwari and vibhu finally say that they were the ones who were gambling with prem and because of them anguri and anita got addicted so they are sorry and arrest them and they wont play again. Anguri and anita remove the handcuffs and say this was all a drama to teach you both a lesson and make you realize your folly. Tiwari and vibhu say sorry and say they wont ever play again, they are forgiven.
At night tiwari and vibhu are in the lawn and talking. Tiwari says he feels lonely now and playing cards was so good, vibhu says yes. On the street pelu and yadrams son are playing cards. Tiwari and vibhu see this and then they look at each other, then they jump and go there to play cards. Episode ends.
Next day at tea stall, vibhu is saying to himself that he has to watch this movie bhabhi ek selfie do. Vibhu says he will watch this movie with anguri. Tiwari comes and talks with vibhu, tika malkhan and doctor come. Tika says the movie was nice and about a person who loves his neigbour bhabhi. Tiwari and vibhu think in mind that this is their story and they should watch the movie. Tiwari goes and so does vibhu.
At home anita is there and tiwari goes there and asks her how she is, anita welcomes him and tiwari says he is going to watch a bollywood film and she should come. Anita says eh doesn’t watch hindi movies but still what is its name? tiwari says its bhabhi selfie do. Anita says what and what name is this. Tiwari says lets go, anita says she will go with vibhu. Tiwari lies that vibhu is already at the theatre with anguri and he sent me to bring you, anita says ohh that cool and I will get ready now. Anita goes to get ready. Tiwari smiles cunningly.
There anguri is at balcony sweeping and vibhu comes, he comes and says he will sweep and is weeping, suddenly song is put and vibhu and anguri romance on that song. Suddenly anguri comes up and sees vibhu sleeping and dreaming, it was all a dream. She wakes up vibhu and says what is he doing here? Vibhu gets up and says he came to call her and a new movie has come in town, anguri says she will watch it with tiwari. Vibhu too lies that tiwari is there at theatre with anita and he sent him to call her. Anguri says okay lets go.
At theatre tiwari takes ticket and anita says where is vibhu? Tiwari says they will come and we can go and lets go and watch the movie. Anita says no she will wait there for vibhu and anguri to come. Anita says lets go and call them. They go, vibhu and anguri come and anguri asks where is tiwari and vibhu says they will come and anita told him she is in traffic and we should go and watch the movie. Anita and tiwari come back and they see vibhu and anguri. Amnguri says where were they, anita says to anguri lets go in and movie must have started. Tiwari looks at vibhu and says what is he doing here with anguri, vibhu says he wanted to give him surprise, vibhu says what is he doing with anita? Tiwari says even he thought of giving surprise.

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