Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita in bedroom, the phone rings. Anita tells vibhu to take phone, vibhu is in bathroom and says you are just sitting there and pick it. anita picks phone and someone is in train and he says is there doctor vibhuti Narayan Mishra? Anita says there is no Doctor vibhu here and only vibhuti is here and wrong number, anita cuts the phone. She says who thinks vibhu is a doctor? Again phone rings, the man says he wants to talk to doctor vibhuti. Anita says who is that dumb who gave this number and said its doctor vibhu? Man says he is a doctor, anita says I am sorry he is not and she keeps phone. Vibhu comes and asks who was it? anita says some dumb man who said he wanted to talk to doctor vibhuti so I cut the phone as you are not a doctor. Vibhu says what? Why did you cut the phone? And it was bijnors mamaji who gave me 5 lakh rupees after our marriage and you put it in your grooming classes, if he knows I am not a doctor then he will be disappointed and I don’t want him to know that. The phone rings again, vibhu picks, mama says I want to speak to doctor vibhuti. Vibhu says yes speaking and who are you? Mama says its me bijnors mama. Vibhu says oh you and i missed you, mama says yes me too and I coming to meet you. Vibhu tells anita that he is coming. Vibhu tells mama no need don’t come and I will come. Mama says I am coming tomorrow and I am in the train. Vibhu says okay and keeps phone. Vibhu is shocked and tells anita he is coming tomorrow and the money he gave me you used it and what do I tell him that I am not the doctor? anita says don’t worry we will do something. They sleep.
Next day vibhu goes with milk and is outside lawn. Anguri is singing and vibhu says how are you? Anguri says I am fine and you say. Vibhu says he is fine and tells tell me that whom do you love in this world? Anguri says she loves Tiwari, laddo, mom, dad, her cow, her goat, her grandma and her donkey too. Vibhu says oh my god why don’t you love someone who dies for your love, angrui says what? Vibhu says he said thats nice. Doctor comes. He says what is going on and how is your health? Anguri says she is fine and says she will go as she has work. Vibhu says to doctor that nice he came and he has some work and he needs his stethoscope and his jacket. Doctor says whom do you want to fool? Vibhu says eat the fruit and don’t ask. Doctor says then first give the fruit then I will give you this, doctor goes. Vibhu says what a town this is and no one works without talking money and everyone is characterless.
At home the doorbell rings and anita opens door, she doesn’t see anyone and thinks it was a prank and says whoever did this if u do it again I will beat you up. Suddenly someone says its me, anita looks down and its vibhus mama. Anita says who are you? Mama says didn’t you recognize me? I am mamaji. Anita says ohh I couldn’t recognize and come in. they both go and sit. Mama says what a huge house and he is proud of vibhu as he has built this house with his success. Anita says yes. Mama says where is vibhu? Anita says he is out in the nursing home. vibhu comes home wearing spectacles, stethoscope and suit and is talking on phone and says if patient is breathless don’t give oxygen and open the window and give him fresh air. Vibhu keeps phone and sits and tells anita that for him it is his patients first and then family house friends and everything. anita says yeah right and then is about to say that mama hascome, vibhu says you know that patient who had fractures in his legs and all doctors and hospitals said he couldn’t recover but after he came to me he recovered and he is now running on his legs. Anita says yeah I know, again she is about to say that mama has come, vibhu says that another patient he had who had severe piles, all doctors and hospitals said the disease couldn’t be eradicated but I did that and that man thanked me. Vibhu says this is all because of mama ji and he gave me 5 lakh rupees because of which I became doctor. Anita says yes I know. Mama claps his hands and says wow and I am proud of you. Vibhu says oh mama ji what a pleasant surprise and I missed you. Mama says me too and I am proud of you, mama is in tears of happiness. Vibhu says that don’t go so soon and at least stay for some 2-4 hours. Mama says 2-4 hours? I am staying for 2 to 4 months. Anita coughs and mama says I am joking and I am living for 2 to 4 days. Mam tells anita to bring tea, anita goes. Mama says even I have piles and check me, vibhu says no wait and I will check you out but not now. Mama says okay.
At tiwaris home anita is there and anguri and Tiwari. Anguri says what happened you look worried. Anita says yes as vibhus mama has come. Tiwari says so? Anita says he had given vibhu 5 lakhs after marriage. Tiwari says and he spent it right? Anita says at least listen, Tiwari says sorry, anita says I took the money and started my grooming classes and mama thinks vibhu is a doctor and he has come now. Tiwari says what can I do to help you? Anita says I need your house to make it vibhus nursing home. Tiwari says of course take it. anita says I need a patient and nurse too. Anguri says I will be nurse and Tiwari says he will be patient. Anita says they need more. Tiwari says they will make tika and malkhan patient. Anita says that’s perfect.
At night at home vibhu and mama are drinking whiskey. Mama is drunk and says for the world you are a doctor but for me you are my dear nephew and he kisses vibhu on cheek. Vibhu says what is this and I am not a kid and don’t give these pecks and kisses. Mama says shut up and you are small for me even now, mama says you said you removed piles from a patient in 2 days? Vibhu says yes. Mama says check me too even I have piles and whatever I eat at night, in the washroom everything comes out and smells.

Precap: tiwaris home is turned into a nursing home named mamulal nursing home. Tiwari tika and malkhan are patients and anguri the nurse. Vibhu comes with mama and gives Tiwari actual injection and Tiwari screams. Anguri says he is acting but why did he do that? Tika and malkhan laugh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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