Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti is sayin do u remember when I did not take bath u used to take me to well and make me take a bath and then u use to see my torn baniyan and then u used to play with my tattoo of snake and I used to make u play swings in the farms where r u my lacho and anguri says tat here I am bhoja and vibhuti says to anguri tat bhabhiji u must be mistaken and she says tat I m lacho and vibhuti says really and he sits down and reads the riddle and he then asks to repeat the and anguri repeats it and they get very happy and when vibhuti when goes to hug her she runs inside and tells tiwari tat she has found bhoja her friend and then tiwari says tat where did u find him and anguri tells tat she found bhoja her friend and tiwari asks where and she tells here in front of our house and tiwari says tat there lives anita bhabhi and tat vibhuti and anguri tells tat vibhuti is only bhoja and tiwari says wat nonsense are u talking and then vibhuti comes and calls lacho and anguri keeps the plate in tiwaris hand goes to vibhutis house and then asks him how is he and he asks where did u went and she says tat she went to tell tiwari tat she found u and then tiwari comes and says tat vibhuti is fooling u and anguri then says tat no only bhoja calls me lacho and then comes in anita and asks wat is this going on y r u all shouting I cant concenterate on my pooja and she asks tiwari to calm down and he says ok and anita asks wats going on and tiwari tells tat vibhuti claims tat he is anguris friend bhoja anita asks how is this nad vibhuti takes her in and says I will tell u and then tiwari also asks anguri to lets go and while leaving anguri says to bhoja u take bath or I will help u taking the bath and anita asks vibhuti wat is she saying and he says I will explain first lets go in.
Later anguri comes to meet bhoja at anitas house and they say tat riddle and play their step and then anguri asks him how is ur wife and and he tells tat she makes me work a lot and then comes anita and she asks anguri how is she and she tells fine and then anguri asks y do u ask my bhoja to do house work and anita smiling asks vibhuti so u r complaining about me to others and vibhuti says tat sorry he just got emotional and then asks her to also call anguri lacho and then she says no I m fine with anguri ji and anguri also says tat the bhoja nd lacho relation is different and my and anita ji s relation is different and then she invites them on dinner and anita asks y and she says as we met bhoja and lacho so and then she says ok and anguri leaves saying good bye to bhoja and anita then asks vibhuti does he have to say anything and asks how could u be anguris friend u were born and brought up in Kanpur when did u go to darbhanga and vibhuti says I will go and wash the utencils in kitchen and he leaves.
Bell rangs and tiwari opens door to anita and vibhuti and then vibhuti runsi in calling lacho and they both are playing like kids in hall and anita and tiwari see them in shock and then tiwari comes in and says tat anguri wat r u doing and she says tat when we were small we used to play like this and then tiwari asks her to ask them if they will have food they are our guest and then anguri says tat I have made goonjiya vegetable and anita says u have mistaken anguri ji as vibhuti hates tat vegetables and anguri says tat but when bhoja was small he used to love it and vibhuti then says tat I used to likeit when I was small but not now and then anguri says tat I have waited for u for last 25 years and anita is getting a bit jealous and she says I m doubting this lacho bhoja relation and anguri says tat wat are u saying bhoja is like my brother to me and anita and tiwari looks at anguri and vibhuti also gets surprised by listening to this and anguri goes in and brings a plate and shows that there are 25 rakhis in it and she says tat she has kept a rakhi for every year for bhoja and now she wants to tie it to him and tiwari says sorry angur I mistaken ur relationship and then anita also says sorry for doubting and asks anguri to tie rakhi to vibhuti while vibhuti shouts tat he is not anyones brother and tells tat he is vibhuti and not bhoja and tiwari asks y and he tells once he heard anguri crying on terrace reminding bhoja and so I turned into him and anguri then says yes I used to cry and then asks vibhuti how did u get to know so many minute details of me and bhoja and he says tat I read ur personal diary and she asks where di u get it from and he tells when u were taking bath I took it from ur cupboard and anita anguri and tiwari looks at him in anger .

Anguri is saying a shayari she is trying to make one for tiwari and he comes and asks anguri to bring him something to eat sweetheart and anguri says I have written a shayari for u Tiwari asks anguri to say the shayari and she says a shayari and laughs and asks tiwari how was it and tiwari says tat it was not at all good does not make any sense and anguri says tat if u don’t like my shayari don’t spoil it and then tiwari says if u want to write a shayari sit in front of mirror and tell urself and then tiwari says I will tell u one shayari and he says it and expects a nice reply from anguri but she is just staring at him strangely.

Vibhuti asks who hurt u anguri and she tells tiwari he says tat tiwari is a useless man and anguri says tat I cant hear anything about tiwari and vibhuti says y cant u he hurts u so much and then later anita is seen saying a shayari tiwari is hearing it and after she finishes he says no it was a toilet shayari not tat good.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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