Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update : Lustness in model colony

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks to Angoori,she hides her face and asks whats wrong, Vibhu acts as if he is stabbed,Angoori asks how did this happen,Vibhu says i stabbed it myself because im tired of Anu, Angoori says i sympathy you, Vibhu says also i cant see your face so i did this,your face is like my medication, my oxygen.

Tiwari meets saxena, and says im addicted to something,its a lovely one though, Saxena says okay, Tiwari says do something or else i will do of restlessness, Saxena says what is ut,tiwari says I can’t share, Saxena says dont worry i can still help, i will get the things we need, and there is a condition, the moment you get rid of this,you will torcher me to worst,tiwari says accepted.

Vibhu says bhabhiji im dying, Angoori says if you die what will anu do,Vibhu says i have a last wish,i want to see you once, Angoori says dont make me feel guilty, Vibhu insists, Angoori says okay i will, a kid rushes to Vibhu and says uncle give me back my toy knife and leaves. Vibhu says bye bhabhiji.

sanskar asks master for lassi, teeka says how will we,he is a kid,and says master you have it, tilu says yes its for adult, sanskar insists for lassi,malkan says go somewhere else, Sanskar insists, and says if you cant give me,go to gell,shameless boys,and insults them,master gives sanskar angry looks.

Saxena greets vibhu,vibhu yells at him, saxena says i know your mood isnt good, why is it, vibhu shares he is restless due to addiction, saxena says i can help you get rid of this, vibhu says yes i want to.

Hapu walks to boys and asks how is business doing, give me one glass,prem says this is last glass and pirced 5000,hapu says im addicted to this dont do this, and yells at boys and Prem, Pelu pays 5000 and asks for glass, malkan says you can have it if you oay more,hapu says i pay 5500, Pelu bids more, Hapu bids higher, Hapu wins the glass of lassi in 8000.

Tiwari is made to sit in dark room, Saxena walks in with Vibhu and makes them sit back to back,and says its important for connections to transmit now tell us what is the addiction. Tiwari says to see something.

Master gets addicted to lassi and comes to boys, boys ask him higher price,master gets angry and leaves. Pelu comes to boys, says i dont have money but i will drop you where ever you want to, give me lassi.Hapu walks to boys and asks for lassi, says but i dont have money, prem says mortgage your watch.tilu says and mobile, malkan says if you were good to us in our bad times this wouldnt happen to you,

pre cap : A reporter sees prem add drugs to lassi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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