Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update The blackmailing.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu hurt after hearing Anu say I Love You to someone, David and Bhorilal giving him company to drink. Bhorilal says why dont you take him London,David says no use he won’t work there as well and someone else will come London with me,its Basanti,Bhorilal says Basanti is mine,Vibhu says excuse me whats wrong with you two,and you two oldies get real,accept that she belongs to none of you. Bhorilal says mind your words and i challenge once basanti gets to my hand i will show my charm, David says you are fail and both start arguing,Vibhu says ok enough let’s have a fight between you and the one who wins takes Basanti.

Anu waiting for Vibhu in bedroom and says im tried of him when will he come,Vibhu walks in and says so you left me,and have a boyfriend,Anu says stop it i dont

have a boyfriend,Vibhu says didnt you say I Love You infront of Basanti,Anu says i was testing Basanti and she did it,Vibhu says she warned me and made me aware of you,Anu says she wants us to fight and now i will throw her out if my house and even Tiwari’s house,Vibhu says cmon if you want fire her why Tiwari’s house,Anu says why take her side,Vibhu says i dont want a innocent to suffer and goes to sleep.

Saxena says Chimato if you don’t kill me i will kill you,cmon Chimato.
Next day, Basanti working at Tiwaris,Angoori says Tiwari go smooch her,Tiwari says this is too much,Angoori says no it’s not go the more you trouble her the more beneficial. Tiwari goes holds Basanti and kisses her cheeks,Anu sees that,Basanti starts shouting,Tiwari says i was actually,Anu starts blaming Basanti,Tiwari says very correcy,Anu says stop it and Angoori im sorry to say but he is characterless and leaves,Angoori asks Tiwari to kiss her and he does.

Tikka and Malkhan show eachother selfies,Vibhu with body ache walks to them and asks what are you two upto,Tikka shows them pics and says we are up to a plan we will send these pics and black mail them for 25000,Vibhu slaps them,Tikka says why,Vibhu says brilliant idea I wish i had it before,i will black mail Tiwari now,Malkhan says yes claim 25000,Vibhu slaps them and says claim a lakh atleast and then they will learn a lesson.

Happu in police station on call, Commissioner walks in and says Happu you the bribe master and you can do anything for money, Happu says ok taunt me no worries but why are you angry. A boy runs in and hands them envelope and leaves. Happu says you called me bribe master what’s in your envelope, Commissioner says shut-up and check what’s in it,both check and are surprised to see pics.

Happu gets a call from tikka and he fakes voice and says you molested a lady,im Munnis boyfriend,Happu says sir it’s call from my house,Tikka says if you dont want this pic to be viral,get me one lakh, Happu says please dont do this,tikka says by 8 i want obe lakh near the big tree.

Vibhu praises tikka,Malkhan calls next and asks for Commissioner,Malkhan says you must have received the pics im Saritas husband, Commissioner says how dare you do such cheap thing,Malkhan says mind your words just think what will happen when i will send these pics to your wife and if you dont want this get one lakh at 8.03.Vibhu says let me call Tiwari now,Vibhu says I’m Basantis husband speaking.

Pre cap: Vibhu says what if i do with your wife,the things you did with mine.
Angoori says pandit Ramphal made a mistake,it was to make the maid your sister , Tiwari says God her husband will kill me,Anu says dont worry I have an idea

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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