Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu at street and anguri is watering plants. Vibhu says whatsupp? Tiwari comes and says anguri go in now, anguri goes. Vibhu says I was talking with her, Tiwari says shut up and you always trouble my wife. Vibhu says I was not troubling, Tiwari says are you worth talking to her? Vibhu says I am worth buying you here right now. Tiwari says yeah? Then buy me. Vibhu says I don’t buy garbage. Tiwari gets angry. Happu comes with a new car and parks it. happu gets down and tiara says wow you brought a new car? Happu says its 2nd hand and I bought it for 40k rupees. Tiwari says wow nice. Vibhu says what a cheap car. Happu says shut up you cant even buy it. vibhu says I can buy such a car in minutes but I wont even spit on such a car, vibhu says anyway I will spit, he spits and goes. Happu says this guy has to be taught a lesson and is very arrogant. Tiwari says we will teach him today, Tiwari gives evil smile and winks.
At night vibhu is in bedroom and is looking at anguris photo on mobile and says bhabhiji I love you and one day I will tell you this, anita calls vibhu. Vibhu says she always calls at the wrong time. Vibhu acts sleepy and says I am sleeping and I was missing you so thinking about you I slept and even dreaming about you. anita says are you home? vibhu says obviously and I am sleeping anyway I will keep phone and feeling sleepy. Vibhu keeps phone. He then says she always doubts me. The landline rings, vibhu says I knew she will be the one calling, vibhu takes phone and its Tiwari talking in different voice. Tiwari says is it vibhu? Vibhu says yes. Tiwari says do you know prem? Vibhu says yes he is my friend. Tiwari says he met with an accident and is very serious in hospital in coma and please come fast. Tiwari keeps phone and says I will call happu now. Vibhu there comes on street and says there is no ride here and how do I go to the hospital? Tiwari comes in lawn and says vibhu what happened? Vibhu says prem is in hospital and is very serious and I have to go and meet him and I don’t know how to go. Tiwari says take this car of happu singh. Vibhu says no its someone else’s car and what if anything happens to the car. Tiwari says come on take it and gives the keys. Vibhu says okay fine but I will park the car in time. Vibhu takes the car and goes. Tiwari laughs.
Next day at tiwaris house, vibhu comes and says to himself who was that lair cheat who told me prem is in hospital and now the car has been stolen and what do I do? Tiwari comes and says so vibhu how is prem? Vibhu says it was a fake news. Tiwari says where is the car then? Vibhu says it actually got stolen. Tiwari does acting and says what? And now…? What to do? Happu gave me the keys and what answer do I give him? Vibhu says please I am sorry and I don’t know who played this prank and why does this always happen to me. Happu comes and says Tiwari you are here man and I am finding you and where is my car? I parked it here yesterday. Tiwari says it got stolen. Happu says what? And how? I want my car back and I give you time you have to give me the money. Tiwari says yesterday vibhu took it and its his fault take money from him. Happu says I don’t know that and I gave the car keys to you so you have to give me my money. Happu goes. Tiwari says vibhu its your fault and you will give the money otherwise I will tell anita. vibhu cries and says no, but how will I give the money? Tiwari says do 1 thing and you become my servant for 4 months and each month I will pay you 10k rupees and in four months you give the money to happu singh. Vibhu says are you even worth keeping me servant? And I am chappra university topper. Tiwari says okay I will tell anita. vibhu says no I will be your servant. Tiwari says okay go and wash the utensils now. Vibhu says okay and goes in kitchen.
In kitchen vibhu is washing utensils and saxena sees vibhu from outside. Vibhu says why does this happen to me? Saxena comes and says haha you have become a maid and do 1 thing come at my house too and wash utensils and I will give you 50rs. Vibhu slaps saxena, saxena says I like it and goes. Anguri comes and says why are you washing the utensils? Vibhu says I am forced and I have to. Anguri tries stopping vibhu, Tiwari comes and tells anguri go now from here. Anguri goes. Tiwari tells vibhu after this work come in the hall and there is dirt there and clean it. Tiwari slaps vibhu on butt and goes. Later vibhu comes in the hall and sees dirt everywhere and says only today there had to be so much dirt and this Tiwari has put it here to trouble me. Vibhu starts sweeping, anguri comes and says why are you doing this and stop. Tiwari comes and throws more garbage. Anguri says why are you troubling vibhu? And don’t do this. Tiwari says why did you come here? And he is my servant dhannu. Anguri says okay I will make breakfast, Tiwari says no dhannu will make breakfast and you come with me. Tiwari tells vibhu that after this work go and bring vegetables from market and make breakfast. Tiwari takes anguri with him.
At tea stall, tilu comes with the car and parks it and sits on the seat. Tika malkhan says wow nice car? Tilu says my girlfriend was saying she wanted a car so I thought lets buy one so I bought it. vibhu comes from market with vegetables and sees the car, he says this is the same car. Vibhu goes and checks the car and then calls tilu. Tilu says yes vibhu. Vibhu slaps him and says from where did you get this car? Tilu says vibhu seth I got this car yesterday when I saw Tiwari and happu singh park it and hide the keys. I took the keys and the car. Vibhu slaps and says because of you I am suffering and says I will tell Tiwari now.
At home vibhu is fallen on the floor and has a note in his mouth. Anguri and Tiwari come and anguri says he fell unconscious because of you and you tortured him. Tiwari says he is just acting, he takes the note and reads that because of happu singh and tiwari’s torture I committed suicide. Tiwari says oh my god he committed suicide and gets scared and says what to do? Commissioner comes with happu singh tied and in undergarments. Commissioner says vibhu called me before committing suicide that he is killing himself because you both made a plan and then tortured him for the car. Tiwari cries and says we made a plan but we did not intend for his killing and leave us. Commissioner says now you will die on the death rope. Tiwari cries. Vibhu gets up, anguri says oh my god he is fine. Vibhu says I was fine only and I planned all this because they both tortured me and conspired against me. Vibhu says you got scared? Tiwari and happu say yes. Vibhu says now I will forgive you only when both of you go and wash all clothes, utensils and sweep and mop the house clean. Commissioner says yes go now. Happu and twiari takes the bucket, and duster and mop and go. Vibhu sits and smiles and eats apple.

Precap: vibhu tells anita she is not at all naughty type of girl and she doesn’t excite him. Anita says what? I am not naughty? Vibhu says no. Tiwari tells anguri she is boring and not naughty.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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