Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari coming out of house. There happu singh is talking on phone and says when did I take money from you? come on. I have not done anything. Happu keeps phone, tika and malkhan come and say what happened? Happu says there is a man, he has put case on me that I took 10k rs bribe from him. Tika says he must be right. Happu says what are you saying? Tika says you always take bribe anyway. Tiwari comes. Suddenly a car comes and stands, and a huge politician comes out from the car with his bodyguard. His bodyguard stands and politician says where is vibhuti Narayan Mishra? Happu says sir he lives here inside. Politician goes in and anita comes out of the house, politician closes the door and sits on sofa. Anita says who is this politician? He locked the doors and I am out. Happu says he is a very big politician of Kanpur but why did he go to vibhu? Inside the politician sits on sofa and vibhu comes. He says oh hello sir, high. Politician slaps vibhu. Vibhu sits and says sir? You slapped me. Man say yes and says yesterday with which woman were you? vibhu says woman? Who? Man shows him the photo of sulu on his phone. Vibhu says oh sulu, she is sulochna my childhood friend. Man says yes she is my wife and you are having an affair with my wife. Vibhu says no sir not at all, I met her yesterday after a long time and I don’t have affair with her. Man says don’t lie, because of you she ignores me and goes outside everyday to meet you. vibhu says sir I seriously don’t have an affair with her and she is just my friend. Man says if I see you next time with her I will come and shoot you. vibhu gets scared and says okay I will stay away from her, very far away. Man says okay. Vibhu says sir don’t go out angry like this and everyone will make rumors about you, make your face right and laugh when we go out and tell everyone vibhu is just my childhood friend. Politician says okay and vibhu tickles him, boht then go out laughing and politician tells vibhu stop man i am laughing. Vibhu hugs him in front of everyone and says it was good meeting you after such a long time. Anita says long time? Politician says yes vibhu is my childhood friend. Both then hug and start dancing on ye dosti hum nahi todenge. Then politician sits in car and goes. Anita asks vibhu you never told me that such a great man is your friend, vibhu says I never like to show off. Tiwari thinks vibhu is a useful man and I can start my shop with his help. Happu says I knew it from start and I always behind vibhu said that vibhu is a good man and has great people as his friends. Vibhu says I hate liars. Tika and malkhan laugh. Tiwari then very innocently says vibhu I need to talk to you. vibhu says shut up, later we will talk. Vibhu goes with anita home.
At home anguri is there and vibhu comes. Vibhu says how are you Bhabhi ji? Anguri says not good. Vibhu says why? Anguri says we may have to sell this house and go back to village. Vibhu says why? Anguri says because tiwari’s shop was closed yesterday by government people putting a wrong order that it is illegal and now we don’t have any money to earn. Vibhu gets worried and thinks this will keep me away from Bhabhi ji. Anguri says Tiwari said that you have a politician friend and please tell him to get tiwari’s shop back. Vibhu says I will try Bhabhi ji and he is always busy. Tiwari comes and sits beside vibhu and says help me out and my shop is sealed. Vibhu says see, I have to talk to him but I need a favor, twiari says what? Vibhu says go and wash utensils in my kitchen. Tiwari says okay but help me. Tiwari goes. Vibhu says can I help you now? Anguri says I have a headache. Vibhu says I will massage your head. Anguri says no need. Vibhu says I will wash utensils then. Anguri says okay.
In kitchen, twiari is washing utensils, anita comes and says vibhu make the food and I am hungry. Tiwari says okay Bhabhi ji. Anita sees and screams and says what are you doing here Tiwari? Tiwari says I am washing utensils here. Anita says why? You go home and call vibhu here. Anita and Tiwari suddenly see vibhu I anguri’s kitchen, anita says vibhu why are you washing utensils there? Vibhu says anu I was just helping out Bhabhi ji. Tiwari is confused. Anita says just shut up and come home, Tiwari is there to help anguri. Vibhu says but she has a headache. Anita says just come home. vibhu goes. Anita says Tiwari go there and help anguri ji, she is not feeling well. Tiwari says okay and goes.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there, tika says malkhan we anyway need work. Malkhan says yes. Tika says we can get a job by asking vibhu. Vibhu can ask his friend that politician and we can get a job, we have to ask vibhu. Malkhan says yes that’s right.

Precap: vibhu meets his friend sulu at a pani puri stall again, vibhu says sulu help me out as my friend Tiwari has a shop of undergarments but it has been sealed by government. Tell you husband to open the shop again please. Sulu says I will do anything you say, just give me pani puri from your hands to eat now. Vibhu says okay and takes pani puri to give sulu and feeds her. Anita sees this from a distance and is angry. Politician sees from his car and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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