Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update The terror of mummy.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daddy says about 3300 years back Kings use to make use of their slaves, Tiwari asks what use,Daddy whispers,Tiwari gets scared,Daddy says my ancestors wouod get scared too but there was no one to hear them out, saxena walks and says hello and the thing is we are here celebrating Sanskrit week and one who speaks the best will be awarded 10 lakhs from me.Daddy says good then i will participate too

Saxena says and tiwari and vibhu your score is low for sanskrit, Daddy continues with his story, and laskhara begum was flat on my ancestors, and she use to use them at nights and trouble them in mornings, Tiwari and vibhu start arguing on the story, Daddy calms them down and says now we have to think how to deal with mummy or esle.

Hapu carefully walking along with tika and malkhan,

they see dr gupta walk with mummy and says gupta look people arw scared of you,hapu says it mummy,gupta says no he is the one who stays behind my house and keeps runing from hospital, mummy comes there and all get scared and run away.

Tiwari walks inside bedroom, and says Angoori we two are here inside togther,will spend a lot of romantic time,Angoori blushes, Tiwari says my sweetheart,Angoori says what about mummy,Tiwari says forget it and the world we are scared of no one and both start dancing, Angoori near window, Tiwari mistakes mummy to be angoori and pulls her out, he gets scared seeing the mummy and shouts,mummy throws tiwari on hed and spanks hard,angoori quickly unlocks the door and both run to daddy,tiwari says wake up quickly mummy is in here, all rush out of the house,

Daddy with tiwari and vibhu meet bhodi, daddy says your mummy is behind us,and attacks us, tiwari says she entered our bedroom too, vibhu says please trap her in some cage, Bhodi says we cant its against Egypt political loaws,Daddy asks what will we do now,Bhodi says this you should have thought before having affair with lakshara begum, daddy says they were my ancestors and not me, Vibhu says just help us,bhodi says only migrant mishra can help us,he migrated Egypt

Bhodi calls migrant mishra,mishra says tell me you want to migrate here,bhodi says actually the mummy you sent is alive now,mishra says then you migarte, Tiwari says my whole family and living is here, vibhu says migrate the mummy,mishra says I will but catch it first, one idea is juthunkhabun lived his begum lashkara and if you can get someone similar to her you can trap.him and till then i will come kanpur and help you,im mailing you the photo.

Everyone sees the photo and shocked to see the resemblance to vibhu. Mummy walking in tge market,laddu and his friend start hitting him,doctor Gupta walk to him and scold him and says he is a patient,ramkishan gupta he fell in boiling oil vessel and so has to roam like this, people mistake him for mummy and worsen his situation.

Anu says sorey vibhu i cant allow you to go in front of mummy as his wife,Vibhu says i have to for well-being there is no option, Anu says but who knows what will he do to you,its a big risk, Vibhu says but still i will, Anu says i cant see you do this mistake, Vibhu says i have to,Anu says okay make a video i will upload the video and at least earn some money, good my fate.

Tiwari tells Angoori, vibhu is ready,Angoori says im so scared, Daddy says dont be your father is alive, Tiwari says me too,and anyways this is all your fault and your ancestors,Daddy says i didnt ask them to have affair with the queen, Tiwari says if you would be there even you would do, Angoori says why waste time there lets go. Daddy says the plan is as we go out the mummy will attack us but vibhu will be there dress as begum lashkara and so mummy will run behind him, and he will take it away,Angoori asks what will happen to him,Daddy says fate will decide that.

Angoori daddy and tiwari walk out,tiwari calls vibhu,vibhu says im here he is dressed as queen lashkara, Daddy praises him,vibhu says please stop and call mummy.Angoori says mummy come here, Daddy and tiwari calls mummy too,mummy arrives.

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