Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update : A disguised Vibhuti buys goods from Angoori

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in hall says to God what I’ll tell Tiwari no sale happen and calls Tiwari. Tiwari walks in say today iit eill be late for food till that time have water. Angoori says why are you calling me Angoori ji. Tiwari says then I’ll call you madam. Angoori says no it don’t sound good from you. Tiwari says now you are business woman. Angoori says you don’t want me eat. Tiwari says I’m kidding what happen you look upset. Angoori says no everything is fine. Tiwari ask of how many lakhs you got order. Angoori says I’ll tell you after eating food . Tiwari says okay I’m making your favourite pratha. Angoori ask Tiwari to sit. Tiwari says how is that possible you have raised your bar. Angoori says nothing have changed come and sit close to me. They get call on landline from Ammaji. Angoori greet Ammaji. Ammaji says live long my business woman and how’s everything going. Angoori says everything is fine. Ammaji asks about business. Angoori says lets later. Tiwari says Ammaji is asking something tell her. Ammaji says to Tiwari did you do something. Tiwari says how can I say, she is businesswoman why will I scold her. Ammaji says why are you quiet tell did you do any business. Angoori says nothing happen. Tiwari says means no sale happen and says I knew already that your daughter in law is not business women she cannot do. Ammaji says to Tiwari dont talk to much first you give me your work record then talk about her and hungs up phone.
Angoori says I’m ediot. Tiwari says I’ll cook paratha for you and leaves.

Angoori selling undergarments with Tillu. Tillu says to Angoori because of you there is an different vibe. Angoori selling undergarments. Tillu says who are you selling them yo there are no customer available. Angoori says now what we will do we need to have some tricks to sell them. Vibhu come disguised as someone else greets her.

Tiwari washing clothes in his garden says I’m ediot to accept this challenge don’t know when I’ll get rid of everything. Anu walks out and waiting for rickshaw sees Tiwari and laugh at him says what is this. Tiwari says what happen why are you so happy. Anu says I remember one joke and laughing. Tiwari says means you were not laughing at me can you tell me what’s the joke. Anu says I never saw that joke ever. Tiwari says we hear joke. Anu says but this joke is to be seen. Tiwari ask what you saw. Anu says tell me why are you cleaning cloth and where is Angoori. Tiwari says I yold you Angoori is looking after business so I’m utilising this time for household work. Anu says I have some clothes let me bring them. Tiwari says she thinks as laundry man how will I tell her everything is happening because I accepted a challenge, but what can I do how to end it early well doing business is also not cup of tea for Angoori she will quit early.

Angoori greets him back. Tillu ask what you want. Vibhu mocks him and says if a customer come don’t you ask him for anything. Tillu says our cheap boss have a rule never to spend money on customer. Angoori says from now on we will ask our customers for tea or coffee. Vibhu says now you heard her go grab something. Tillu ask Angoori to stay alert and leaves. Vibhu calls Tillu and says I feel like spitting on your face. Angoori ask about his name. Vibhu says I’m called as Darling Kawaz and ask what do you have. Angoori says what do you want. Darling Kawaz flirts with her. Angoori ask who are you. He try to flirt with Angoori she doesn’t understand anything and he imagine singing Kawale with her. Tillu calls him and put his finger in hot tea.

Anu come with clothes and ask him to was and iron these clothes and leaves laughing at him.

Malkhan on rickshaw singing. Malkhan sees Anu and greets her. Anu says what timepass are you doing. Malkhan says I’m not doing any timepass I’m can see my career in this rickshaw. Tiwari mocks him. Anu says its good thing you are working. Malkhan asks Tiwari do you wash undergarments. Tiwari shouts at him and they leave. Tiwari says thankgod I got chance to wask Anita’s clothes and open clothes sees Vibhuti’s underwear and shouts.

Tillu says why aren’t you reacting I was calling you are you gone deaf here have tea. Angoori says now tell me Checha. Darling Kawaz says don’t call me that and ask her to weigh everything you have. Angoori says what. Tillu says he is doing timepass and abuse him. Darling Kawaz mocks him and says please pack undergarments worth 25,000. Tillu says why do you want these many undergarments. Angoori says come pack fast. Tillu says how you will pay in cash or check. Darling Kawaz give him cash and ask him count it.

TMT and Saxena sitting together. TMT drinking and discussing about there job. Tillu says my secondary income has stop because of bhabhiji I don’t feel like doing it. Malkhan ask Teeka forget us you tell how’s your job going. Teeka says now I have tommy he is my life now. Tillu says I don’t understand why a boss has kept a worker as boss. Malkhan says Teeka is boss. Tillu says how’s that possible, Saxena has kept Teeka as his boss. Malkhan says Saxena is Teeka’s boss. Tillu says where Teeka is working, dog is his boss. Saxena growled at him. Teeka says take it easy to Saxena and ask Tillu to not to make fun of his Tommy we have unconditional love. Malkhan mocks him and ask if someone attacks you will Tommy save you. Tillu says lets check and they both slaps him. Saxena attacks them.

Ammaji in house says my daughter in law can do that work in minutes and you take hours to complete. Tiwari says I’m not machine. Ammaji says then my daughter in law is animal she might be coming go and get ready water for her to take shower. Tiwari says I can bet that she doesn’t have done any sales today. Ammaji says after that make milk for her. Angoori come with Tillu and they both greets Ammaji. Ammaji asks how’s your business going. Angoori says its good because of your blessings. Tiwari come and keeps over cooked pratha and says I have made delicious food for you. Everyone looks at them and feel disappointed.

Vibhu says I’ll go on bed she will shout because she is hygiene conscious. Anu says yhere will be no distraction during romance.

Vibhu disguised as lady dancing and singing with Angoori

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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