Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,next day anita is calling vibhuti and she does not finds him and says I have told him not to go out as u r not well and she sees vibhuti coming from jog and she says to him y is he running and he says tat he feels completely fine and he does not needs to go to manali and anita says to him tat but the doctor has asked u to rest and vibhuti says I have jogged for 12 km and I m completely fit see and he jumps and shows he and then anita says tats so good I m so happy now u r fine then go and wash utencils in kitchen and she leaves and vibhuti says tat nothing is in my favor and then a boy comes and gives him some utencils and asks him to wash this akso and vibhuti shouts at him and goes inside.
Tiwari comes to meet anita she says to him tat y did he came here in this condition and he says when I meet u I feel really good and then anguri comes from behind and gives tablet and a glass of milk to tiwari he refuses to have it but anita then says u must have this tablet and he then takes it and comes vibhuti saying tat he has washed all the utencils and then he sees anguri and asks how is she and then anita gets a call its shuklaji and he asks anita to come to manali today itself to manali and then vibhuti says do u have to leave now and anita says yes today itself well I have a better idea me anguri and ladu wil go to manali as tiwari is not well and u r also fine and suddenly tiwari says tat the tablet worked now I m feeling better and I will come to manali and then vibhuti also starts acting tat he is not feeling well and he needs to go to manali and then anita and anguri give them a look
Next day tiwari leaves for work anguri asks him to close the main door as dogs come inside and he gets a call from tilu and he forgets to lock the door and vibhuti enters the house and calls bhabhiji she doesnot replies and then he goes in her bedroom and hears her singing from bathroom anguri is taking bath and vibhuti says tat she sings so well in the shower and he sneezes anguri asks who is it and she says oh my god dog has come inside and vibhuti says tat its him vibhuti mishra and no dog and anguri shouts wat is he doing here and asks him to go and he says ok but then she asks him to stop and vibhuti gets very happy and anguri asks vibhuti to hang the towel on the door of bathroom and vibhuti then opens the cupboard and lifts towel and he sees the private book of anguri and thinks its all her secrets in this book and then he starts reading it first its written about the sheep she loved and then about the buffalo vibhuti thinks tat anguris life has gone all with the pets and animals and he hears tat anguri is gonna open door he hides the book in his shirt and goes down and anguri comes and asks vibhuti how is he he says tat he is fine and then vibhuti asks her to say a shayari and she says for tiwari and then vibhuti says tat there are also other people and comes in tiwari and he says tat what are u teaching my wife and he says wat will I teach her and then tiwari shouts anguri tat vibhuti has no work and u r also siting here and talking to him and asks her to go inside she goes and vibhuti also leaves and tiwari tells anguri tat he is going back and closing door so tat dogs don’t enter.
Vibhuti enters his house and sees anita and acts tat there is gas in his stomach and anita asks how did this happen and vibhuti says wat r u saying and she says tat u eat outside and so this gas and vibhuti says wat wife u r u don’t care for me and anita gets hurt and starts saying tat I m a bad wife this I swat u mean and vibhuti then says tat no baby u r a very nice and then she calms down and they hug and anita says y is ur stomach so hard and he acts tat his stomach is paining and asks her to bring soda and she goes in and he rans in the room and while anita comes back she doesnot sees vibhuti and gets angry .
Vibhuti says tat anguri is so innocent there must be some story about a man and he reads about Bhoja he used to call anguri lacha He used to eat Garlic always he does not used to take bath used to force him beat him to take bath I used to ask him y u don’t take bath he used to says tat when the soul is good y is the need to take bath
He used to wear a torn baniyan inside a shirt and he also has one more fanatasy he has snake as pet he also has a tattoo when ever a song is played he used to dance like a snake and then suddenly his father got a transfer and he went away I miss him yet today hoping someday he will come back his face must have changed but his habbits must have not changed and vibhuti laughs saying anguri falled in love with such a mad person like this and then he hears a sound calling him he turns and sees tat its him he asks y r u so dirt and he says tat u take advantage of ur neighbor and ask me y I m dirty and then he asks y r u here and he tells tat anguri is still waiting for bhoja so y don’t u become bhoja and enter her life.

Anita is talking tat how could u behave like this and tiwari listens all this from behind and gets shocked while vibhuti goes to make a tattoo and saxena is siting there when he starts for drawing tattoo and vibhuti says its hurting a lot and he leaves but saxena forces vibhuti to sit and asks the tattoo maker to draw the tattoo.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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