Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Tiwari plans his own murder

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori crying with Amaji and TMT on Tiwaris funeral, Tilu cries because Tiwari left without giving his salary, Angoori says how will I live without Tiwari, Vibhu says I will take care of you, Amaji says first take care of yourself, Vibhu says she is like my sister and I promise Tiwaris soul I will take care of my mother you and sister Angoori, Teeka says wow so kind, and even we three are alone, Amaji adopt us, Angoori says there is one problem you all 4 are unemployed who will run Tiwaris business, Amaji says I will better adopt a well to do son, TMT beg Amaji to adop them, Amaji says enough you all nobody asked my wish, Amaji says I will fulfil your wish, Angoori says I want to remarry, Tiwari wakes up from his dream shouting and scared, Angoori asks was it bad dream, Tiwari says yes, Angoori says don’t worry, it was just a dream, Tiwari says soon it will be true and if something happens to me Angoori, Angoori says shut up all will be fine, don’t worry go to sleep. Tiwari thinks of preparing Angoori for upcoming consequences.
Vibhu calls Tiwari and hands him BHIMA policy file and says you haven’t paid premium, Tiwari says I was tight in budget so couldn’t pay, Vibhu says after 15 years you will earn 15 Cr as returns, Tiwari says who knows if I will live 15 years, Vibhu says policy handles that, they will transfer the amount to bhabhiji as per the death category, Prem walks to them and says go home and rest why are you out, and all diseases have cure don’t worry, Vibhu asks whats wrong with him, Prem says he has incurable diseases and will die soon, Vibhu says how sad, Tiwari says I want one favour give me some murderers name and he will kill me and Angoori will get my policy money, Prem says I know one.
Angoor praying with Vibhu, Vibhu thinks she is so innocent prays for her husband daily who is going to die soon and sneezes,Angoori scolds Vibhu says this is not a good sign, Vibhu says it just happened, Angoori starts crying and leaves, Vibhu says god I am worried for Tiwari and now she will think I am behind it, Supari bhai has visitor, Tiwari dressed as woman goes to her and says kill my husband Supari bhai asks why do you want to kill him, Tiwari says he cant keep me happy, Supari asks whats your name, he says Ram Pyari, Supari bhai gives her 50% discount and finals rate 10,000/- and asks when will you kill him, Supari bhai says I am free on 29th Jan so will kill him on that day.
Vibhu asks Tiwari why is he so upset, Tiwari says I am going to die soon what do you expect, cmon lets start drinking then proceed, TMT says we will check the drink first and then give Tiwari, Vibhu says I am drinking too, TMT says its our job and start drinking, and says have it now, Tiwari says in name of taste these three have half of my things get lost. Vibhu asks Tiwari did he appoint killer, Tiwari says yes, Vibhu says you are such a great man looking after bhabhiji, you love her so much, Tiwari says yes I love bhabhiji, I mean yours, Vibhu says okay since you are dying I have a question, Tiwari says go ahead, Vibhu says what is your opinion about me, as a person, Tiwari says as seen past 5 years, you are double standard low principle man, and what do you think, Vibhu says same.
Vibhu says but your and bhabhijis couple looks like beauty with beast, Tiwari says I feel same, Vibhu says when you will die I will miss you a lot, and will tell our stories to people, that we drank here etc.
Angoori walks Tiwari, Tiwari says tell me one thing, which wish of yours I didn’t fulfil yet, Angoori says the list is big, you said you will take me to Switzerland but didn’t, then you said you will take me to see Londons queen and then USA but nothing, Tiwari says nothing National, Angoori says how about Nainital, Tiwari says local, Angoori says shopping, Tiwari says keys are with you, go ahead but one wish that I can fulfil righta way tell me, Angoori says I feel shy, actually I want to spend romatic time with you and sing song on terrace. Tiwari says lets go, Angoori and Tiwari sing romantic sing on terrace. Vibhu looks at them and says its just for some time, and he will die soon but someone tell him not to stick her so much.
TMT at tea stall with Vibhu and Tiwari, they drinking Tiwaris and Vibhus tea, Tiwari and Vibhu scold them and ask them to stand aside.

Pre cap: Tiwari as Ram pyari tells Supari bhai that she doesnt want to kill Tiwari anymore, Supari bhai says now he wont stop, he will kill Tiwari. Vibhu tells Angoori that he is very happy today and feels like dancing, Angoori says go ahead.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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