Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari saying you all have made a joke of my constipation and enjoying it. happu says sorry Tiwari brother and from today no one will tease you please start the pipeline. Vibhu says yes Tiwari start the pipeline and be a sport we are sorry. Tiwari says no if my exit is closed then everyone’s exit will be closed too. Saxena comes and says everybody don’t worry and from the other side of the town the pipeline has been started and everyone go and clear your stomachs. Everyone cheer and go. Saxena smiles and then starts the pipeline from there too, Tiwari hits him with stick. Saxena says I like it.
There vibhu takes anguri to a specialist doctor and says he is the best doctor in the city. They both sit, doctor comes and vibhu says we heard you are the best so tell us what to do about Tiwari. Doctor says see actually tiwari’s large intestine has stopped supplying the small intestine because of which gas is emerging in small intestine which wants an exit but the large intestine has stopped so there is no exit for the gas so it is acting on the stomach and inner walls of small intestine which is also affecting the large intestine thus he is not able to excrete waste. Suddenly doctor falls down, nurse comes and vibhu says what happened to him? Nurse says actually even the doctor has constipation so he fell down and let me make his mood, I mean let me give him injection then he will be good. Vibhu and anguri go as anguri says this place is not good.
At home Tiwari comes out from his house, anita is dancing on the street on song laya laya and there are toilet seats around and Tiwari goes too and starts dancing. Then he sits on the toilet seat. Suddenly in bedroom he wakes up and anguri says what happened? Tiwari says he was dreaming and he saw himself dancing and then sitting on the toilet seat but even then nothing happened, Tiwari cries. Anguri says don’t worry and everything will be fine, not today then tomorrow otherwise day after, otherwise next month or next year or 2 years later but everything will be fine. Tiwari is shocked and he scolds her. Anguri sleeps.
At tea stall, happu singh vibhu tika and malkhan are there. Happu says we have to do something about Tiwari and he has become a trouble for everyone. Tika and malkhan say what idea? And you say something. Saxena comes on cycle and says happu I heard you got beaten up by Tiwari like a dog very badly and you deserve it as you are a dog and you even got beaten and you did not do anything. Happu gets up and slaps saxena, saxena says I like it and goes. Happu says loudly no one has the guts to beate me, happu sits. Vibhu says shut up and Tiwari has and he did beat you. vibhu then ays anyway I have an idea and if everyone will help me it will work. They ask what? Vibhu says we have to scare Tiwari and when a person is scared the pressure goes on stomach and from there to his motion.
At night vibhu becomes ghost and knocks the door. Tiwari comes down and his stomach is paining, he opens the door. He sees vibhu and gets scared and says what happened? And why are your eyes red? Vibhu says I am vibhu ghost and I will drink every drop of your blood, vibhu bites tiwari’s neck but Tiwari gets scared and pushes him back and closes the door. Tiwari says what was that? Outside vibhu goes. Tiwari opens the door slowly and does not see anyone and says what is happening to me? Tiwari closes door and goes to drink water, suddenly the door down opens and happu singh catches tiwari’s leg and is about to bite, Tiwari runs outside scared, saxena holds him and is about to bite and Tiwari rusn upstairs and goes in balcony and is very scared, he says what is happening and save me god. From behind tika and malkhan put their hands on Tiwari, Tiwari sees behind and malkhan and tika are giving evil laugh and they hold Tiwari, Tiwari runs in the bedroom and closes balcony door and goes to wake up anguri and says anguri see what is happening, at the door tika and malkhan are still laughing like evil. Anguri removes blanket and then holds twiari and is about to bite him, Tiwari gets scared and locks himself in the bathroom. Twiari is scared and bites fingers and says what is happening, suddenly his motion comes, Tiwari looks at the toilet and smiles and removes pants and sits, everything comes out. Outside anguri hears the flush sound and dances and tells tika malkhan it has become successful. They rejoice.
Next day at tiwari’s house it is a party and saxena masterji tika malkhan and happu singh are there. Happu tika and malkhan are drinking and say masterji you take, masterji says don’t you have manners? Tika says no. anita and vibhu come. Anita tells anguri where is twiari? Everybody say yes where is he? Angrui says he is doing the rounds of the washroom. Vibhu says yes must be a lot of waste. Angrui and anita go in kitchen. Happu offers vibhu beer, vibhu says no I don’t need and I don’t drink like you people wherever you get it free and I drink when I need to. Tiwari comes and everybody clap and say wow your stomach is clean now, Tiwari says yes I am sorry actually I have been doing rounds of toilet since morning. Vibhu says sit and twiari says no it may come again. But vibhu makes Tiwari sit. Vibhu forces Tiwari to drink some. Anita and anguri come and say let him eat if he wants and drink if he wants to. Tiwari says let me go I have to go to toilet, vibhu says oh shut up and control it and eat something man its your party, happu gives Tiwari samosa. Then vibhu says okay go now. Tiwari says no use as what had to happen has happened right here. Everyone is shocked. Anita tells vibhu come on now and they go. Happu singh tika malkhan and masterji go. Anguri presses her nose. Saxena smells the foul smell and says I like it.

Precap: happu buys a new car and parks it in front of tiwari’s house. Vibhu and Tiwari are there. Happu says Tiwari I am parking the car here and look for it and I will take it tomorrow. Tiwari says okay go. At home happu comes to ask for the car, Tiwari and vibhu say it has been stolen.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Super funny episode!!! Tiwariji!!!!! Too funny, laughed so much????????

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