Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th February 2021 Written Episode Update : Angoori learns the truth

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu calls Teeka and Malkan, Anu asks them how do they know Tilu, Teeka says childhood buddies, Anu asks do you know Tiwari, Teeka says yes, Anu ask so you know Tilu works with him, Teeka says yes, Anu asks since when, Malkan says around 10 years, Anu asks how was their relation, Teeka starts crying says Tilu worships Tiwari a lot, Tiwari says they are lying, Commissioner asks him to shut up, Anu asks what problem did Tilu have with Tiwari, Malkan says he didn’t pay him his salary and whenever Tilu asked for it, Tiwari would abuse him and assault him, Anu says My lord please note this, Vibhu says I object this, Anu says look chameleons are here, Vibhu says I am just supporting the truth, Anu says or may be you have big money given to you, Vibhu says I guess she is scared of losing, Anu says my foot, Anu and Vibhu start arguing on household stuff, Master and commissioner say look at them they are arguing oh their personal issues, Anu and Vibhu argue over Vibhus knee ache, Angoori says to Vibhu why didn’t you tell me, daddy has knee ache too and uses Bajra oil, Gupta says she is right,Master and commissioner asks to change topic.
Vibhu calls Tilu , Anu calls Tiwari, Vibhu asks Tilu is he s*xual assaulted and if yes how does he, Anu says Vibhu is asking awkward questions, Commissioner says she is right, Vibhu says okay tell me what does he do to you when you ask for salary, Tilu says he tortures me and calls me in his room and pinched me, Vibhu asks where did he touch you, Tilu starts crying, Anu says Vibhu is making him uncomfortable, Vibhu says I am asking questions which are very important, Angoori scolds Vibhu says why are you troubling Tilu don’t you have any emotions look at that poor guy, Vibhu says I am doing this for Tiwari, Tilu gets very uncomfortable and faints, Commissioner asks for check of Tilu and Tiwaris physic and adjourns the court.
Tiwari and Vibhu drinking, Vibhu asks why are you so worried and asks why are you doing this Tilu, Tiwari says it’s a lie, Vibhu says Tilu wont speak this big lie, so what is the truth, Tiwari tells Vibhu that this is all because of Amaji and Pandit Rampal, Vibhu says its for bhabhiji do whatever you want and I will save you, Tiwari thanks him and Angoori listens to everything.
Anu sees a beggar and says you are so healthy and are having food just get out, Anu waiting for Angoori, Angoori walks to her and talks about Tiwari, Anu says I thought my friend is here to see me but a criminals wife is here, Angoori says no no its your friend, and he is not criminal and says even I had this misunderstanding before, Anu says Tilu is in pain and trauma and it is very disgusting, Angoori says this is all because of me, and tells Pandit Rampal story. Anu says oh god really I don’t believe this superstitions, Angoori says I trust Tiwari he wouldn’t do this on purpose.
In court, commissioner and Master about to declare Tiwari guilty, Anu stops them and asks court to reconsider their decision, Master says but it is proved that Tiwari has assaulted him, Anu tells about Amaji and Pandit Rampal, Tilu says I agree to take back case for bhabhiji, Malkan cries say we can do anything for bhabhiji, Tilu says yes I will do anything for bhabhiji, Commissioner says very good this is why I suggested to sort the case amongst us.
Amaji calls Tiwari, he puts on speaker and says there is new thin you have to do, you have to pinch your neighbour, Tiwari pinches Vibhu

Pre cap; Anu asks Vibhu to come as watchman, to bring romance back. Vibhu does so.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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