Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update Tilu to be Teekas wife.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

vibhu walks to Angoori in the morning, Angoori singing songs on kids love,Vibhu says such a rubbish song, sing good songs, Angoori says i love it,Vibhu says this is wrong you can’t do it, it doesn’t suit you, Angoori asks what, Vibhu says when a goat has a baby she looses hee charm, Angoori says but i love them, Vibhu says i was talking about humans, a women looses her figure after having a baby, Angoori says that’s not true, when bhori had baby, she was in labour for 4 hours, Vibhu says you never listen to me,Angoori says bye i never get you.

Master congratulates ladoo for his hardwork, Hapu walks in and asks Tiwari why having dry fruits, Tiwari says look you have 9 kids so i want advice, Hapu asks meaning, Tiwari says i want to be a father,Hapu makes fun of him,

Master scolds them and says we studying here have some shame and decency, and whacks Tiwari.

Vibhu walks in and listens hapu and tiwari talk, Hapu says just get to working, Tiwari says what should we eat and what not, Hapu says eat things that give you strength, have camel milk, with dates, you will love it, Tiwari says will do it right away, Hapu says dont have too much, Vibhu says i can’t let this happen.

Saxena walks in crying, and sits on Tiwari’s lap, saxena asks who is this bad uncle, Hapu scolds him and asks why is saxena calling you papa, Tiwari says he is my baby till i have one of mine, Teeka agrees for sterilization, tilu malkan scold him, teeka says anyways no one will marry me, malkan says patience, teeka says i am doing you two stay away, tilu says he is right, hapu walks to them and asks whats up, Malkan says you have put stupid things in mind,Hapu says you will never progress, Tilu says then you do, Hapu says i want to but wife isnt agreeing, Teeka says will i really have money, Hapu says yes they will give you. Teeka asks your share, Hapu says government will pay me, teeka says im in, hapu says lets go, good decision.

Angoori cooking, Vibhu walks to her and says you arent doing good, Angoori says i never understand,Vibhu asks what are you cooking, Angoori says bottle guard for tiwari, and cabbage for me, vibhu says good you dont have it bottle guard fades colour, Angoori says god i quit it from today.angoori leaves, vibhu adds powder in it,a kid watches him and asks what did you do,i saw you adding food poisoning powder in it, now recharge mobile or else i will tell everyone, vibu says i cant belive, come with me.

in the hospital teeka falls for the nurse, she blushes looking at him, he asks where is doctoi, she says theres no one just us, he asks whats your bame, she says ruksana, teeka says beautiful name, and so are you, i came here for sterilization but seeing you i cancelled it,she says shutup stop flirting with me, teeka says you started it, ruksana says that’s my habit but that doesn’t mean you have a chance. Gupta enters and asks how are you teeka and how come here.Teeka says for sterilization, Gupta asks why you have such thought,teeka says theres no love left, Gupta says i need your marriage certificate, Gupta says its government rule that only married people can do it and did hapu singh send you, teeka says yes he did, but please do mine, Gupta says shut up leave.

Malkan and tilu discussing about teeka, teeka walks to them, tilu malkan make fun of him, teeka says nothing happened,Hapu asks how could he, didn’t you tell him i send him,teeka says yes i did he abused you, and tells about government rule, Hapu says get married then,teeka asks to whom, hapu says we will fool him, we will turn tilu to women and picture your wife, teeka says good plan,please tilu.

pre cap : Gupta asks Tiwari how he ia feeling and why did he sterilized himself.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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