Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti finds 1 lakh rs

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari walks in and sees Vibhu is hiding something and sees binoculars in his hand and asks whose house you were peeping in, Vibhu says you are cheap man with cheap thinking, I use it to see moon and stars, why are you here, both start insulting eachother, Tiwari says I’m here to nail the wall, Vibhu says it’s my right I will do it,and I don’t care, my house my rules, you can support if you want, Tiwari says go ahead, Vibhu steps on the table and starts hammering, Tiwari asks him to ease his grip, while doing so, hammer slips off Vibhus hand and falls in Tiwaris head and he faints.

Gupta asks how did he faint, Vibhu says a small thing fell on his head, a small hammer, Angoori says do something get him back to normal or I will commit suicide, Vibhu says quickly bring him back to conscious, Tiwari slowly gains his conscious, Vibhu and Angoori call him, Tiwari calls Vibhu uncle and Angoori aunty, Tiwari starts acting like a kid, Angoori asks Gupta what’s wrong with him, Gupta says there is some virus in the air because of which, we all turned old or he turned to kid, Gupta asks Tiwari his age, Tiwari says 7 years and says I want to go play and runs away, Gupta says he is kid now and forgotten Angoori is his wife, Angoori scolds and blames Vibhu and asks him to leave the house.

Teeka and Malkan, Teeka says I dreamt that I met with an accident with an cycle and broke my leg, what If it was a truck, I got saved thank god, Malkan says it’s time to celebrate, Teeka sees a bag and says let’s tell police may be there’s bomb, Malkan says and if there isn’t we will be beaten a lot,Malkan says you go touch the bag if it blasts we will go inform, Malkan opens the bag slowly and finds money in it, Vibhu sees them, Malkhan counts the money and says I estimate it’s around 1 lakhs ,Vibhu walks to them and says oh my god here’s my bag, Malkan says I may look cool but aren’t, we are sure it’s not yours, Vibhu says there’s a big difference between us and it’s marriage, these are Anu’s money, and stop living your life this way and live your life with dignity and leaves.

Teeka and Malkan get serious and think Vibhunis so great, and kind, he didn’t hand us to police and gave such good message, a boy passing by asks them did they see a black bag worth 1 lakh, it’s his dads and inform if they see and leaves. Vibhu in his eyes looking at money, boys arrive at his house, Vibhu asks what’s wrong, Malkan says you are the cheapest man, we found the man whose bag it is, we stopped him from going to police, so now give the pouch back so we can give it to uncle, Vibhu asks which pouch, Teeka says such a liar, Vibhu says it’s my pouch, Teeka says why are you doing this, Vibhu says you are disgusting get lost. Malkan says we will get that money come what may. Vibhu closes the door on their face,

Teeka and Malkan disguised as goons and carry gun, Happu passing by asks who are you two and removes his gun, Malkan removes his fake mustache and says we were going hunting, Happu scolds them, and says I know you boys very well tell me the truth, Malkan says we have joined a acting group and we are practising the skit, Happu says nonsense leave.

Pre cap : Tiwari asks Vibhu to play with him. Saxena walks to him says from today on wards we are friends.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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