Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri and anita at home and anguri says anita I don’t think Tiwari has done anything like this. Anita says even in think but we saw it on news. Anguri says sometimes mom says that everything seen by eyes is not true. Anita says yeah even I know. Vibhu comes from tea stall where he has arranged to trap Tiwari and happu, even pelu goes from there. Vibhu sits at home and says lets watch news. Anguri says no let it be and what if something else happens. Vibhu says no nothing will happen. He puts on the news. At tea stall, Tiwari and happu singh are playing for vibhu and pelu. Tiwari puts in money and happu puts too. Then they put the cards. Suddenly tika and malkhan come with camera and start reporting and doing sting operation. Tika says look at these men, Tiwari and happu singh, they claim to be very well mannered people of Kanpur but they are gambling in public. Tiwari and happu hide. At home everyone see the news, then vibhu switches off the tv. Anguri says so he gambles too? Vibhu says you are over reacting and he was just playing cards, that is okay and Tiwari is really a very good man with a good heart, he is really innocent. Anita looks at vibhu angrily. Vibhu shuts up.
At night at vibhu;s home. vibhu comes with Tiwari. Tiwari scolds vibhu and says you trapped me there and tika and malkhan did a sting operation, this is all because of you and now anguri wont talk to me. Vibhu says I am sorry I just went for the washroom but anita called me so I came home. anita comes and says Tiwari why did you come? And I have suggested anguri not to even marry you. Tiwari says but Bhabhi ji I did not do anything. Anita says you shut up and I don’t want such a man at home and you take your bags and go. Vibhu says no anu please let him live here. Anita says no and goes. Vibhu says okay get lost now and anita dosnt want you here go please. Tiwari is angry and goes.
Next day at tea stall, vibhu is there and Tiwari comes. Tiwari looks very happy. Vibhu says I am sorry about your life and now you have nothing. Tiwari says don’t worry and now I have decided to enjoy my life totally and not worry about anything. Tonight I am going at gulfam kali’s program as a new woman has come. Tiwari says you come too and goes. Vibhu says wow he came himself to fall in a trap.
At night at home, vibhu and anita and anguri are there. Anita says don’t worry and everything will be fine. Anguri is sad. Vibhu says lets instead watch the new tv show, anita says yeah even I like it. Tiwari comes and sits and says yes watch tv. Tiwari puts on the news and its saxena. Saxena says hello people and we have caught 2 people and they were doing sting operations and insulting the good people in public and destroying their status. These are the men who targeted people like twiari and happu singh and many others. Happu is shown beating tika and malkhan and he asks them tell me why did you do this? Tika says please don’t beat us and we were told to do this. There vibhu is shocked and scared. Tika says vibhuti narayna Mishra told us to do this and he trapped you both the times. Tiwari switches off the tv and says see anita your husband, this man here trapped me in his cunning plans and he each time wanted to break my marriage with anguri and insulting me in public. Anita says what is this vibhu? Anguri is angry and says say something and why are you quiet now? Vibhu says I am sorry, I am really really genuinely sorry. Anita says tell it to Tiwari. Vibhu says sorry to Tiwari, Tiwari says okay leave it. anita says now we will get Tiwari and anguri married tomorrow. Tiwari says no I don’t believe that rishi and he may say some other mantras. Anguri says then when will we marry? Tiwari says I will marry you right now. Tiwari cuts his finger with knife and from the blood puts a sindoor on angrui’s head. They then dance as anita and vibhu puts leaves instead of flowers on them. Episode ends.
In morning, a woman is eating pani puri at a stall and as vibhu gos by. The woman stops vibhu. Vibhu comes back and says oh its you sulu. Sulu says yes you recognized me? Vibhu says obviously you were my friend in school. Sulu says yeah we were actually couple in childhood. Vibhu says yeah but that was when we were kids. Sulu says yes. Vibhu says so where are you now? Sulu says I have married a big man now and what about you? vibhu says I have married a girl and she has her grooming classes. Sulu says what do you do? Vibhu says I actually don’t do anything and I just work at home, washing utensils and doing all the house work. Sulu says your wife is lucky to have such a servant husband. Vibhu says will you talk just here or come home? sulu says here feed your number in my mobile. Vibhu feeds the number. From a car, a man sees and says so this is the man because of whom my wife sulu has been ignoring me always. I will teach him a lesson.
At home anguri is there and talking to mom on phone. She says tiwari has gone to shop and will be home. she then keeps phone. The door is knocked. Anguri opens door and its tilu with Tiwari who is fainted. Tilu comes and keeps Tiwari on sofa. Anguri is scared and says what happened to him? Wake him up. Anguri takes water and puts it on tiwari’s face. Twiari wakes up and starts crying. He says what did this happen. Anguri says what happened? Tiwari says the government came today and they closed my shop saying it is illegal and now everything is gone. Tilu says even my 6 months salary, at least give me that and what will I eat? Tiwari says here my shop is closed and you care about your salary? Tiwari says I will fight with all my strength to open my shop again. anguri says yeah do something otherwise we will have to go back to village. Tiwari is shocked.

Precap: vibhu hugs the man, sulu’s husband. And then they both start dancing. Sulu’s husband is a big politician. Anita says to vibhu you never said that such a big man is your best friend. Vibhu says I don’t like to show off. Tiwari thinks vibhu is a very useful man now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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