Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update The revenge of mummy.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Anguri get back, everyone sees Saxena and begin conversing in Sanskrit, tiwari asks where have you been,angoori says I went with Vibhu to see mummy,tiwrai says she is very annoying,Vibhu says if that is so your ama is fatty ,angoori says shut up dare you call anything to my Amaji,tiwrai says answer me,angoori says to click selfi with mummy,Vibhu says to museum,Happu asks what’s the Sanskrit word for museum,Vibhu says it’s called museum itself. Anu waiting for Vibhu and says may be he is scared because he didn’t click selfie, vibbu walks in,Anu asks where’s the selfie,Vibhu says you and your stubbornness and you are impossible at times.

Vibbu shows selfie,Anu gets excited and then asks wait is that a real mummy,or is it prem,vibbu says it’s true and for proof

bhabhiji was with me,Anu says good well done now I will make it viral and you will be a star. Dad watching news,Bhodi an archeologist in news to share what happened, bhodi says mummy is the reason why am I so injured,the coffin which had mummy, the mummy attacked me,daddy says the mummy curse won’t spare my family,bhodi says if you see mummy please inform us because mummy is very dangerous. Daddy calls angoori mother and tells about mummy.

The mummy enters the room and rests on daddy and looks at him,daddy scared shouts and runs away. Vibhu says this pic of bhabhiji and mummmy is so beautiful. Daddy comes there on scooter,he sees Vibhu looking at a picture and asks whoes pic are you looking at,Vibhu says my bhabhi,I was praising her,daddy says you said she is your bhabhi then why do this,anyways I have something very important to say,Vibhu says first see this pic,you know there’s mummy and clicking picture is not allowed,but I clicked and also bhabhiji,daddy says what did you do, you have made such a big mistake,Vibhu asks why are police behind me,daddy says do a thing come with me I shall tell you what’s the problem.

Tika and malkhan seeing Vibhus pic,Happu asks watching porn and at this hour,Tika says Vibhus pic is going viral with mummy,Happu takes a look and says it’s ban and how did he click picture,malkhan says I heard mummy has ran away,Happu says it’s all a lie,a romour,mummy behind them,Tika says no it’s not a lie.sacena Walks to them and sees mummy,Tika asks them to turn around and all get scared,Saxena asks them to talk in Sanskrit or else 10 lakhs won’t be returned,Happu starts conversing in Sanskrit and asks mummy why is it behind them,please leave me I have 9 kids and a pregnant wife,Tika says let’s run away,mummy slaps them all.

Daddy tells everyone that their forefathers were Slaves, at the time when only kings were rich and others would survive serving them,and so my forefathers were surving a king jutankhadan,and the king fell for him and started using him,daddy tells them how the mummy has swore revenge against his ancestors.thereafter The mummy visits them but they drive it away. Anita and doctor mistake the mummy for a heavily bandaged Gupta.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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