Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Angoori dances with Jhonny Joker

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says to everyone that he has no idea what he did, boys say he gave them donkey pee to drink, Angoori starts laughing and asks Tiwari did he drink that too, Vibhu apologize to everyone, Angoori says dont stop im having fun.

Boys say they have to do something about Jhonny Joker, Tilu says he will soon be a headache for us, Teeka says but he has possessed Vibhu, Malkan says Vibhu is no less he troubles us also, Jhonny arrives there and says you are bad mouthing me, Boys ask him to forgive them, Jhonny says on one condition, say sorry Jhonny joker with closed eyes 5 times, boys agreed, and close eyes and start saying, Jhonny adds chilli powder to water and leaves, boys wash there bums and feel burning sensation.

Tiwari asks for Paratha, Angoori gets him parathas, Jhonny walks in says dont eat it, Angoori starts laughing, Tiwari asks why are you here, Vibhu says these parathas have blood of insects, Tiwari feels pukish, Tiwari rushes inside, Vibhu starts eating parathas, Angoori says so good, keep this humor intact, and take care of Vibhu, stay here i will get you more food.

Boys and Tiwari tired of Jhonny Joker, Tiwari says dont you think Vibhu is just taking revenge in name of Jhonny joker because we humiliated him, boys agree, Saxena come there talking to a ghost, saxena asks ghost for a joker soul.
Tiwari says to Saxena he can help him, Vibhu is possessed by Jhonny Joker.

Vibhu eating, Saxena walks in talking to Gupta ghost, Saxena prays to his ancestors, and sprays on Vibhu says Jhonny Joker come out, Vibhu says shutup, says here there is no Jhonny Joker, Saxena shows him a statue, Vibhu asks who it js, Saxena says my garndfathers MUMMY, kiss him and Jhonny Joker will come out, Vibhu scolds Saxena.

Boys and Tiwari waiting out for Saxena, Saxena comes out dressed as female Joker, boys dont see his face and flirt, Saxena turns around, boys and Tiwari get scared. Boys ask Saxena what is wrong. Saxena says this is done by Jhonny Joker, he is very strong now i am his slave. Vibhu walks to them as Jhonny Joker. Jhonny says dont mess with me its impossible to separate me and Jhonny.
Angoori says Jhonny come dinner is ready.
Jhonny asks boys and Tiwari to become cock and take 4 rounds of colony. All four scared of Jhonny do so.

Jhonny and Saxena walk in with Angoori, Angoori says to Jhonny that she wants to dance with him, Jhonny agrees and all three dance.
Boys and Tiwari in pain. Tiwari asks boys to massage them, Boys say we are in same pain.Boys say we have to leave this town.Tiwari says it Will still trouble us, Gupta asks whats wrong, Tiwari tells him whole scenario, Boys say to Gupta that he is a tantric to help him, Gupta asks them to hit Vibhu hard.

Pre cap: Vibhu tells Angoori that Jhonny Joker did it, Angoori says I like the Joker who entertains people not trouble. Tiwari and boys attack 2 jokers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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